Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Two Nevada polls show Newt in third place

Yesterday, Magellan Strategies released their 2012 Presidential poll of Nevada. Newt comes in third at 16%

Newt has a 63/26 favorability, according to their survey.

Today, Public Policy Polling released their survey. Newt gets 15% support, good for third.

Newt's favorability in it is 66/25. Cain is at 65/21 and Romney's is 63/27. Those numbers suggest Newt's overall support has a lot of room to grow.

Among those who consider themselves in the Tea Party movement, Newt's favorability is 85/10; Cain is at 80-13.

Newt's numbers across-the-board: among very conservative voters, he is at 73/19; among somewhat conservative, 70/21; among moderates, 46/44.

Among men, Newt is at 72/24. Women view it favorably 60/27. He is well above water with all age groups.

Newt is above water with every other candidate's supporters but Jon Huntsman (46-54) and Ron Paul's (33-54). That suggests as Bachmann, Santorum, and others continue to falter -- even drop out -- Newt is in prime position to get those voters on his side. (For Santorum supporters, Newt is at 85/7.)

And in fact, Newt is listed as the second choice by a plurality of those surveyed, with 23% naming him as their second pick.

So good news again for Newt. What needs to be remembered is that because of timing, neither of these polls likely reflect the negative reaction Cain has receieved over his abortion comments as well as his willingness to negoatiate with terrorists.

As those issues become better known, Cain's numbers will get dragged down.

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