Friday, October 28, 2011

Pictures from Newt's town hall in South Carolina today

Newt held a town hall in a Greenville, South Carolina, Chick-fil-A today.

Here are some pictures of the event at which Karen Tumulty, the national political correspondent for the Washington Post, said there were "[a]t least 400 people:

Newt 2012's South Carolina director, Adam Waldeck, tweeted "They've stopped letting people into the Chick-Fil-A in Greenville for @newtgingrich townhall" and sent this picture:

Andrew Bell of Newt's campaign posted this one:

Anna Haberlein of Gingrich Productions had this one:

Along with the picture, she tweeted:
Ever been 2 a chick fila that breaks fire code? That's what happens when @newtgingrich is in town!
The next four are from Tumulty:




When she sent that third picture, Tumulty tweeted:
Rapt crowd for @newtgingrich in greenville. place is too mobbed for me to see the candidate.
Here is a picture taken before the town hall:

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