Thursday, October 27, 2011

Add the Fox News poll to the list that have Newt in 3rd (and two have him in second)

Fox released their latest poll Wednesday that showed, as most every poll has, Newt in third place:
Herman Cain -- 24
Mitt Romney -- 20
Newt Gingrich -- 12
Rick Perry -- 10
Ron Paul -- 9
Cain's numbers have flattened out some, and the worse for him is yet to come. Most people still do not know about his pro-choice comments. (Luckily for him, the morning after his comments on CNN, Moammar Gadhafi was killed, which took up the news cycle.)

As it is, it might take until the next GOP debate on November 9 for the comments to get out to most voters. If Cain can survive his one-on-one debate with Newt on November 5, I don't see any way he can stay on top of the polls when his views on abortion are revealed.

Two polls earlier this month -- in West Virginia and Nebraska -- had Newt in second place.

A partial list of polls that have Newt in third:

-- Wisconsin.
-- Nevada (two).
-- Ohio.
-- Hawaii.
-- Iowa.
-- A national Rasmussen poll.
-- Florida.
-- A national PPP poll.

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