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Are you #withNewt? Share your thoughts, pictures, or videos

You may have noticed a new tab at the top of the screen: #withNewt.

I am not done putting up all the content yet, but I have most of it up. But I am looking for more. So if you have written anything about why you are supporting Newt for President or taken any pictures or videos, I would appreciate you sending them to me. My e-mail is joshgosser1776 @

Thanks. And I hope you like the page.

Pictures and articles of Newt's recent trip to New Hampshire

(Since it is September 11th for those reading the morning e-mail, I just want to say God Bless those who lost their lives ten years ago today, their families and friends, and those who are protecting us all over the world.)

Here is the link to the Facebook picture gallery of Newt at New England College on Thursday.

And yesterday at Saint Anselm College.

And here is a picture Newt 2012's Coalitions Director took of Newt during the Halftime Conference Call:

From this article in The Union-Leader:
Andrew Smith, a political science professor at the University of New Hampshire and director of the UNH Survey Center, was in the audience to hear Gingrich’s remarks.

Smith called the former House Speaker’s comments engaging and entertaining, even for some Democrats in the crowd. Smith said he was impressed with Gingrich’s historical knowledge, and how he uses that historical perspective to understand and debate current issues and policies.
And The Nashua Telegraph has this from Smith:
University of New Hampshire Survey Center Director Andrew Smith praised Gingrich’s speech.

“He speaks unlike most of the other candidates. This is not a standard stump speech but one that has a lot of thought and breath to it,” Smith said. “The problem is much of that strength is what makes him less electable than some of the others. He’s telling the voters what they need to hear rather than what candidates and consultants want them to hear.”
I think Smith might have been right a few years ago, but I believe today the American people know there will be tough decisions ahead -- and they want a leader who knows what decisions to make and who knows how to carry them out.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Video of Newt at last night's MSNBC debate


The answer to why the Left wants another stimulus


(Thank you to

Newt said this in November 2009. (Watch the whole speech, five parts in all, here; the whole thing is terrific. I can't think of a better speech he has given.)

I have been meaning to post more clips from this speech and will try to do so over the next few weeks.

Watch this two minute video by a Newt 2012 supporter


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Phil Kerpen: Newt won the debate. And pictures of Newt's supporters

I missed this Tweet earlier, but the Vice President of Americans for Prosperity, Phil Kerpen, wrote on Twitter: Newt won the debate.

Newt's Volunteer Coordinator, Jacob Hawkins, hosted a debate watch party in Atlanta and posted these pictures:



Reaction to Newt on Twitter during MSNBC debate

Heather Linville, Minnesota College Republicans' State Secretary:
Last quote by @newtgingrich was amazing. Obama IS focusing on class warfare NOT job creation. #ReaganDebate #mncrs
James Balderrama:
@newtgingrich @Newt2012HQ Great answer! This household stood up and cheered!
@Newt2012HQ @newtgingrich we are cheering here in #Minnesota. Keep telling them how it is
Dana Loesch:
THANK YOU NEWT. "We are all for defeating Obama." #reagandebate
Laura Ingraham:
Gingrich the best so far. Total FACE on the media!
Bill Hemmer:
Gingrich recognizes The Reagan Rule and receives biggest applause of evening at the 28 minute mark. #reagandebate
Hemmer again:
Gingrich strong response on energy and harvesting Alaska. Crowd suddenly wakes up again. #reagandebate
Teri Christoph, Co-Founder of Smart Girl Politics:
The ladies on the #SGP chat admire Newt for being a team player. #reagandebate
Christoph again:
Newt and school choice is a big winner on #SGP chat. #reagandebate
David Martosko, editor of The Daily Caller.
Newt goes Presidential by playing as a team. Classy. Reaganesque.
Jason Whitman, State Chairman of Wyoming Young Republicans and National Policy Chairman of Young Republican National Federation:
I am going to say now that when it comes to debating @newtgingrich basically owns. #ReaganDebate
Whitman again:
I always enjoy watching @newtgingrich in a debate. He has a vast reservoir of knowledge and that's a fact. #ReaganDebate
Alex Wagner, reporter for The Huffington Post:
Big applause for Gingrich calling for English to be official language of the US.
Ken Gardner:
Newt has perfomed VERY well tonight. Refuses to equate raising revenues with raising taxes. Talking about drilling more oil in Alaska.
Christine Delargy, CBS News Reporter:
Audience seems to really like Newt Gingrich... don't think there's anything he's said tonight that didn't get some applause #reagandebate
Jedediah Bila, author and columnist:
Gingrich offers specific solutions. That is his strength: specifics. Always is.
Chris Ryan, WKXL (New Hampshire) reporter:
Great answer there from @newtgingrich , one of the top applause lines of the night on cutting spending
Noel Sheppard of
I know this will anger @NewtGingrich haters but he comes across as the most informed & knowledgeable candidate by far.

What are those #withNewt saying?

A friend on Facebook:
I believe Newt will win the primaries because he is the logical choice. Why would America risk replacing Obama with a candidate inexperienced in dealing with the issues we face? Not only does Newt best articulate the issues and how to handle them, but he has already done it. Why would America pick a candidate who never... balanced a budget while we are in a 14 trillion dollar deficit? Why wouldn't an American pick a candidate who created 8.4 million jobs (more than all the candidates combined) in a time we have unemployment at 9.2%? Why wouldn't an American pick a candidate who created a mass transparency in government while we endure the most clandestine administration in history? Why wouldn't America pick an candidate to replace this food stamp President with a candidate who reformed welfare, putting two thirds of recipients back to work or school? Why wouldn't America replace a spendthrift President who has spent more than all the Presidents in history combined with a candidate whose record is one that put spending at it's lowest levels since the 1920s?

I can go on and on. Newt's timeless conservative principles are the panacea to this liberal/socialist plague this country is enduring. I am voting for Newt proudly and believe he will win. Newt in 2012!!

(Video) Newt at Team 10 Townhall in Pasadena Tuesday

Part 1.

Part 2.

Another quote by Tony Lee of Human Events about Newt

Lee put out an article previewing Wednesday's GOP debate at the Reagan Library. He had this to say about Newt:

His summer was turbulent, but he is not that much worse off than he was when it started. Gingrich won the last debate and he performed the best out of all the candidates at the Palmetto Freedom Forum in South Carolina. He’s proposing ideas on getting rid of regulations such as Dodd-Frank and using social media, including Twitter, Facebook and Google+, effectively. He speaks of American exceptionalism in a way that resonates. Gingrich has a chance to keep the momentum going at a debate held at the library of a President (Reagan) he not only worked with, but whose life and ideas he has so richly chronicled.

Which candidate has Tweeted the most about jobs this year?

Newt. You're not surprised, are you?

From @140elect:
Who has tweeted most about "jobs"?
@newtgingrich sent 47 tweets in 2011.
#2 @mittromney with 21.
#3 @thehermancain-13.
#4 @governorperry-10

Pictures and Tweets from Newt's Tea Party Townhall in California

Tonight, Newt hosted his first Team 10 townhall meeting in Pasadena, California.

Here are some tweets that were re-Tweeted by the campaign's account:

A few from @christopherguz:
Newt introduced by Tea Party leader as "the only man who has balanced a federal budget in our life time."
"Immediately repeal the Dodd-Frank bill"- @newtgingrich
Crowd erupts in applause to @NewtGingrich's call to repeal #ObamaCare.
"I'm not asking you to be for me. I'm asking you to be with me." @newtgingrich
@newtgingrich tells crowd "I'm going to need you for the next 8 years"
A couple from Newt's Coalitions Director:
Overflow crowd at our first Team 10 Town Hall in Pasadena, CA.
He included a picture of the crowd:

Newt: Everyone who was responsible for the decision to raid Gibson Guitars should be fired
Another picture of the crowd was attached:

Newt: the center of sovereignty is the citizen, not the government
And two more Tweets, these from a CBS/National Journal reporter:
Gingrich's campaign seems alive and well in Pasadena, CA, where a standing-room-only crowd of Tea Party members are applauding proposals.
A black woman at Gingrich's Tea Party town hall gets big round of cheers for opening with,”good evening Mr. Speaker and my fellow racists.”
(Just love that one!)

And one more picture:

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Human Events' Tony Lee on Newt at Palmetto Freedom Forum

The Chase 2012 reporter for the conservative weekly:
There is not a more exceptional person in the 2012 GOP presidential field than Herman Cain in terms of life experiences and private sector success. And there is not a person who is capable of explaining American exceptionalism better than Newt Gingrich.


To put it simply, American exceptionalism matters in Republican primaries. It is why immigration issues will matter in 2012 because it is a way for Republicans to speak about and discuss Americanism.

At the Forum, Gingrich stole the show by proposing ideas to eliminate the regulations such as Dodd-Frank that are screwing up the economy, reign in the federal judiciary and activist judges and even comparing himself to the University of South Carolina football team by saying that, like South Carolina did in their first game of the season last Saturday, his campaign has had some early fumbles but that he would prevail in the end.

But it was his discussion of "melting pot" Americanism that reverberated. Here's Gingrich's words:
When you have a country which is proud of its history, which is proud of its language, which is comfortable saying to people, come to America to be Americans, you can absorb more people than if you have a country whose elites are totally confused and are prepared to give up on being an American.

...if we're not going to be a melting pot, we can't afford to have very many people come here. When you realize that there are over 200 languages spoken in the Chicago school system, there are over 180 languages spoken at Miami-Dade Junior College, it's why I favor English as the official language of government.

We need a unifying system which says, yes, we are eager to have people come to America, as they always have, but we want you to come here to be American. We don't want you to come here to be confused about how this country operates.
It is hard to find a Republican who does not see the 2012 election as a pivotal election that will determine whether the country remains exceptional or begins an even more rapid descent to becoming an unexceptional version of Europe that is plagued by fiscal problems and multiculturalism.

Caffeinated Thoughts Blog on Newt's performance Monday in SC

Another positive review:
I thought that former Speaker Newt Gingrich would do well in this type of venue, and he didn’t disappoint. He gave, in my opinion, the best answer related to the separation of powers and the proper role of the judiciary. He welcomed a challenge by Congress on Roe v. Wade utilizing the authority given to them by section 5 of the 14th Amendment which reads that “The Congress shall have power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article.” Which includes section 1 of the amendment which says that “No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty or property without due process of law; nor deny any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

Gingrich said that Thomas Jefferson warned that the Supreme Court left unchecked could become an oligarchy. Speaker Gingrich noted that the “Supreme Court is supreme in the judicial branch which is the third branch mentioned in the Constitution.” He pointed out that Alexander Hamilton in the Federalist Papers said that the judicial branch was the weakest branch. He said that Congress can limit jurisdiction of federal courts, and this topic needs to be part of the national debate.

He laid out several steps to what his job plan would be: Repeal Dodd-Frank, restructure the EPA, repeal Sarbanes-Oxley, restructure the FDA so it helps get products to market, no tax increase in 2013, zero out capital gains tax, lower corporate taxes to 12.5%, 100% expensing, abolish the death tax, and bolster domestic energy development. He gave specific points to his immigration plan, and regarding placing a limit on legal immigration he said it would depend on the economy and the ability for people to assimilate. Gingrich said, “if we are not a melting pot we can’t afford to have many people come here.”

A list of Facebook groups that are supporting Newt 2012

It's only right to start off with Newt's own Facebook page. (Also, there are separate ones for his Team 10 (10th Amendment) initiative, repealing Dodd-Frank, and for volunteers.)

Then those run by supporters:

One I help run: Draft Newt. (It was started by someone else before Newt decided to run for President, thus the name.)

Georgians for Newt Gingrich.

New Jersey for Newt Gingrich.

South Carolinians for Newt Gingrich.

Texans for Newt Gingrich

Students with Newt 2012.

Students with Newt Gingrich.

New England for Newt Gingrich.

Many of these groups are just starting, so I am trying to get them some publicity.

Please sign up on them.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Peter Hamby of CNN on Palmetto Freedom Forum

Hamby, who is covering the 2012 Presidential race for CNN, wrote:
And former House Speaker Newt Gingrich won high marks from conservatives, weighing in on Twitter with a policy-fluent speech laced with references to American history and sharp attacks against the federal judiciary.

After the forum, Gingrich had kind words for his GOP rivals and said the tea partiers have been unfairly vilified by the media and Democrats.

He made reference to recent reports that Vice President Joe Biden called tea party activists "terrorists" in a closed-door meeting during the debt ceiling debate.

"It strikes me that despite every effort of the news media and every effort of the Democrats to isolate the tea party and treat them more hostilely than we treat terrorists who are trying to kill us," Gingrich said. "Here you have a Democratic Party where it's OK to call American citizens 'terrorists' but it's not OK to call terrorists 'terrorists'? There is something really bizarre about that."
Hamby also talked about an uneasy moment for Michelle Bachmann:
"I believe it is also unconstitutional for states to mandate as a condition of citizenship, that an individual would have to purchase a product or service even at the state government's behest," Bachmann said.

Pressed by conservative Princeton legal scholar Robert George to back up her assertion by naming a provision in the Constitution, she could not.

Jim DeMint thinks 2012 GOP front-runner "will change several times"

Robert Costa of National Review quotes U.S. Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC), who helped organize today's Palmetto Freedom Forum:
"Some that don’t appear to be in the running right now were pretty good on stage today," he said. "I don't think this race is over. I think we’re going to see that front horse change several times, I think, over the last couple months."
Costa titled his post: "Newt? Cain? Paul?"

Watch Newt's complete performance from the Palmetto Freedom Forum

Link (thanks to a great Newt supporter, Gardner).

(CNN did cut out to commercial through the entire forum, so there is a little missing.)

Here is the response to Newt's performance from today on Twitter

Matthew Hurtt:
@NewtGingrich does an excellent job relating to the audience early on. #DeMintForum
CharlestonPats (Charleston Tea Party):
Nobody does American exceptionalism better than @newtgingrich opening remarks #scpol #palmettoff
@newtgingrich points out super committee doesn't represent all the people #palmettoff #scpol
Rich Lowry, editor of National Review:
newt absolutely nails it on dec of ind
Yvonne Wenger, reporter for The Post and Courier
Gingrich gets first response applause when he is talking about judicial encroachments
Chris Oviatt, South Carolina GOP Executive Committee Member:
Newt has gotten more applause in his first 10 mins than the previous candidates combined! #palmettoff #sctweets
Amanda Carpenter, communications adviser for Senator Jim DeMint:
GINGRICH: "Bad government has destroyed the city of Detroit."
Tony Lee, 2012 reporter for Human Events:
Newt on Melting Pot. Out of park! will be the color blind litmus test for GOP going forward this decade. Just watch. #CA1990s
David M. Reed:
@newtgingrich laid out THE BEST plan for a New America. The DeMint Forum has been incredible. #GOP #GOPDebate
Mark Eidel:
@newtgingrich did VERY well at @JimDeMint's Palmetto Freedom Forum.
Bill Bruner:
Newt best candidate tonight: on life issues, role of Creator in public life, jobs & energy policy, borders & judicial overreach! #palmettoff
The State, a paper in Columbia, South Carolina:
Gingrich is done. He got the most laughs/applause so far. #palmettoff
That was just a sample. For more that the campaign sent out here, click here.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Peter Ferrara: "Redeeming Newt"

From his article in The American Spectator:
Newt Gingrich is so right in urging his own "Leadership Now" theme for the Republican House majority. He argues that the House should not wait for the debt reduction Super Committee before passing legislation to address federal spending, the deficit, economic growth, and jobs. The House should show leadership now by passing legislation that will achieve these goals most effectively, demonstrating to the public what conservative Republican victories in the elections next year would accomplish.
On block-granting Medicaid:
Gingrich raises a popular entitlement reform opportunity based on the enormously successful 1996 reforms of the old Aid to Families with Dependent Children program (AFDC), enacted while Gingrich was Speaker of the House.

Those reforms sent the federal financing for the program back to the states in fixed, finite block grants, with states empowered to redesign new welfare programs for the poor -- based on work. If a state's program cost more than its federal allotment, then it had to pay all of the extra costs itself. If its program cost lest, then it could keep the resulting savings.

With new incentives for the states, two-thirds of those on AFDC left the program for real private sector jobs. Their incomes rose by at least one fourth as a result, leading them out of poverty. And costs for the taxpayers dropped by half or more in real dollars compared to prior trends.

Those same reforms can and should be extended to Medicaid and all other federal means-tested welfare programs. Those programs are estimated to cost $10 trillion in total government spending over the next 10 years. The Republican House should act now to pass legislation effectively sending all those programs back to the states with block grants providing the discretion for the states to each enact a completely new welfare system based on work, as Gingrich suggested. That kind of Tea Party federalism would be enormously popular, as would the potential savings of $5 trillion over 10 years. Based on the 1996 reforms of AFDC, the poor would benefit enormously as well.
On energy and federal land:
Gingrich also proposes legislation to increase revenue from oil and gas exploration and drilling through sharply increased federal leases and permits. That could raise $150 billion over roughly 10 years, with more coming from increased economic growth due to more abundant supplies of low cost energy for businesses. Gingrich also proposes to sell federally owned land and other unused and environmentally insignificant federal assets.
Lean Six Sigma:
Gingrich is also pioneering the application of proven business efficiency and waste cutting methodologies known as Lean Six Sigma to government programs and agencies. Instead of waiting for the dangerously centralized Super Committee to develop plans for remaking the entire federal government, Gingrich argues that all 435 members of the House in almost 200 committees and subcommittees should be involved in developing ways to apply Lean Six Sigma business principles to government management, with potential cost savings of over $5 trillion. Gingrich argues that another $700 billion to $1.2 trillion over 10 years could be realized by applying the fraud detection techniques utilized by credit card companies to root out fraud in Medicare and Medicaid.
Ferrara concludes:
If the Republican House can act expeditiously to pass all of these ideas, and send them on to the do-nothing Democrat Senate, then Republicans can take these issues to the people next year, clearly defined.

And they can thank Newt Gingrich​ for many of them.
I have wrote about Ferrara's praise for Newt's ideas here and here.

Newt's interview on Fox and Friends from Saturday

He discusses the Super Committee, Lean Six Sigma, and the upcoming debate.
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