Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pictures from Newt's day in South Carolina

Last night, Newt spoke at an Aiken, South Carolina, Republican dinner. At least 600 people -- a sold-out crowd -- attended.

Ali Weinberg of NBC News live-tweeted the event. One of them she sent out:
Gingrich: I don't have any consultants on balancing budget. Don't have any talking points. I just have a decade of experience doing it.

This morning, Newt held another town hall in South Carolina.

The head of Newt's campaign in South Carolina, Adam Waldeck, sent out a few pictures:

"Newt: I have one opponent, and that is Barack Obama."


".@newtgingrich w/Joe Dugan and Gerri McDaniel from the Myrtle Beach Tea Party."

"Newt: We'll waive every single regulation that prevents us from having 100% control of the border by 1/1/2014."

"What a place for a townhall. Thanks to the Myrtle Beach Tea Party for putting together a great event."

The Florence GOP tweeted:
Great Job Team @FLORENCESCGOP ... Successful event for @newtgingrich this morning! #SCGOP #sctweets
A South Carolina reporter, John Sweeney:
"If you'd like to have paycheck rather than food stamps, vote for me," @newtgingrich says #florencesc
Elijah Jones tweeted: "@newtgingrich in #flosc at Bazen's Restaurant. Great Crowd!"

Zach Lamb posted this picture of him and Newt at the Myrtle Beach event:

David Risner:
Great listening to @newtgingrich in Myrtle Beach today!! I urge ALL my fellow Carolinians to take a HARD look at Newt #impressed
Here's a story in a local paper about Newt's stop in Florence.

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