Friday, October 28, 2011

Reaction to Newt's education speech

Here are some of the tweets sent out during Newt's speech in New York yesterday:
@newtgingrich most confident of all of the candidates in his opening remarks. #cbforum11 (link)
@NewtGingrich is the only candidate to get applause here at #CBForum11 (link)
Wow, all I can say is you really should watch @NewtGingrich's discussion at #CBForum11. I can't do it justice. (link)
@newtgingrich has the best ideas on education of any of the Republican candidates. iPad textbooks = genius. #tcot (link)
Agree with him or not, Newt has by far the most developed thinking on education among the four candidates. #cbforum11 (link)
Newt has come out swinging. LA teachers union one target. #cbforum11 (link)
Free societies have to think as a moving picture, not a Polaroid. Agree Newt. #CBForum11 (link)
Great moderating by Joel Klein and Paul Gigot. #NewtGingrich walks away the winner. #CBForum11 (link)
Newt is relaxed and seems to be enjoying himself. #cbforum11 (link)
On that last point, Newt's press secretary, R.C. Hammond, was in agreement, tweeting:
Newt appears to be having a ball tonight discussing education with the College Board in NYC. #CBForum11

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