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More pictures of Newt's trip to Georgia from this week and in Iowa today

The entire Facebook gallery on Newt's page.




Newt with Jacob Hawkins (jph08 on Twitter), one of the Georgia volunteer coordinators:

Newt with Jacob again and Claire Cantrell (jclairecantrell on Twitter), another of the Georgia volunteer coordinators:

Newt with some World War II veterans:

A couple of pictures with local GOP and Tea Party leaders:




And now two pictures from Iowa Saturday, one from the pancake breakfast and the other from the fair:


Alex Moe's photo Following @newtgingrich in the Decorah Nordic Fest Parade #Iowa #decision2010
Alex Moe on WhoSay

Friday, July 29, 2011

Newt's e-mail: "A Very Good Week" in advance of Iowa trip

From moments ago:
As I head to Iowa for the weekend, I want to report back to you on a very good week.

At every event in both New Hampshire and Georgia I’ve been asking people to be with me, not just for me, because this election is not about one person in the Oval Office. It is about more than just defeating Barack Obama.

It must be about all of us working together to change Washington. And you can watch our new video, filmed on the road over the past few days, spreading that message.

The good news is that this message is resonating. On Wednesday in Atlanta we had over 30 volunteers calling Iowa voters, but not just to make your traditional sales pitch. As one Atlanta volunteer, Jim Shinn (a first-generation American from Germany) wrote on his blog:

The phone calling was non-stop…Everyone was on a phone having a great time speaking with people in Iowa. Quite a few lively discussions but always positive…All were impressed that his volunteers were calling to listen to them and their issues.

The Marietta Daily Journal in Georgia also wrote a great article covering the range of issues that I talked about with voters at a rally and town hall meeting (You can see our pictures from all these events on Facebook).

If you believe in this message of sustained citizen involvement to change Washington, and want to be with me, not just for me, please consider making a small donation to our campaign, even if it’s just $10 or $25.

Thank you and we’ll be sending more updates soon about exciting new projects that are currently underway.

Your friend,

You can sign up for future e-mails on

Newt to be in Decorah, Iowa, Saturday

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(Update: Newt has now added these events to his Facebook page.)

Saturday, July 30, 2011: "Attending the Mitchell County Fair as a guest of Iowa Rep. Josh Byrnes," says POLITICO. Osage, Iowa.

Saturday, July 30: 2011: Nordic Fest pancake breakfast at the Fire Department. Decorah, Iowa. 8:00 AM.

Saturday, July 30, 2011: Marching with the Winnesheik County GOP in the Nordic Fest parade. Decorah, Iowa. 10:30 AM.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Newt campaign video: "With Me, Not For Me"


I wrote about Newt using the phrase "with me, not for me" after my trip to Iowa. (Not that that was the first time he had used the phrase either.)

You can subscribe to Newt's YouTube Channel by clicking here.

Pictures of Newt at Cartersville, Georgia, Rotary Club today (Update: and one at another speech today.)

Entire Facebook gallery.

Here are some of the pictures:

Newt with Newt 2012 Volunteer Coordinator Jacob Hawkins (follow him on Twitter here):

Newt supporter Bryan Jacoutot (BJacoutot on Twitter) posted this picture of Newt at the anti-tax townhall and rally:

Here is an article from The Cherokee Tribune about Newt's speech at the townhall and rally. The article says the speech "had a turnout of between 130 to 150."

Newt answering a question in Iowa about energy


Audio of Newt on Martha Zoller's radio show today


Audio of Newt on Strong America Teleforum back on July 19

I wrote about the teleforum here the night it happened, and here is the audio link.

Newt's portion starts at the 22:25 mark.

Here is the video I linked to earlier this week:

A Newt 2012 Volunteer's story from Wednesday

In an e-mail exchange, Jim Shinn, who runs a blog, had told me he would be one of the volunteers at the Newt 2012 HQ this week. I had offered to post his story on this blog.

Newt2012HQ already linked to it on Twitter -- writing "First generation American Jim Shinn writes about volunteering for Newt 2012 at his blog" -- but here is the blog post Jim wrote:
Volunteering for Newt 2012 at the HQ

As many might have noticed, I have been posting quite a few excerpts from Newt's new book "A Nation like no Other".

What resonates with me in this book, is that this is the type of message that brought us to America and made us want to be Americans. It is a message that was taught to us in school but haven't heard since leaving childhood, except briefly again with Reagan & then in the Contract with America authored by Newt Gingrich. It is that America that I want to see again which is why I decided to volunteer for Newt Gingrich.

Yesterday was a kickoff for Newt's campaign to reach out to Iowa voters in order to listen to their thoughts and concerns about the upcoming election. Not a call for money. Nor to convince them how to vote. Just genuine concern for their issues, if they've been spoken about or haven't and what they personally think.

A small group of +35 people consisting of a high school student, some employed & some unemployed, small business owners, moms & wifes, as well as lifelong staffers and family members.

Some came from across town and some from as far away as North Carolina. All were volunteers, most all first timers. Yet when I spoke to each, the common themes I heard were how this guy, Newt, is the smartest man in the room wherever he goes and that is what we need for America today. That he had done it before and can do it again.

I would add for me personally that his Historical & Philosophical perspectives, which he bases his solutions upon, are unmatched by any of his declared or undeclared rivals. Especially so versus our Community Event planner who is always on holiday.

The energy in the room was unlike any I've felt before. Even before Newt arrived. Similar to a religious meeting, yet in quite a different way but just as strong. Almost like being at a championship college basketball or football game. People were pumped, they were happy to be there, they were ready to work with Newt.

The phone calling was non-stop. I did not see anyone take a break until Newt arrived. Everyone was on a phone having a great time speaking with people in Iowa. Quite a few lively discussions but always positive. No, not everyone supported Newt but all were impressed that his volunteers were calling to listen to them and their issues.

When Newt did arrive, the room went silent. Unfortunately I had a lively person on the phone and could not break away but I did see him take calls personally. I did get to hear his speech to us which further cemented in our minds why we were working with him and not for him. So unlike the soundbites and popular references that you hear from his rivals.

Afterwards people hit the phones again, inbetween bites of pizza. The room continued to buzz along with lively conversations all around. Camera's were walking around as well, interviewing each and every one of us. And in the end, we all got a one on one with Newt and our pictures taken with him. Truly, a great day had by all.
Here is the link to his blog again and his Twitter account.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Newt's Day in Atlanta

From My Fox Atlanta:
Gingrich toured the Genesis Shelter in northeast Atlanta. The facility helps homeless families get on their feet. Afterward, Gingrich said the shelter is an example of an assistance program that works.

"It provides a very important service in the community and it's also a great example of the public-private partnership," said Newt Gingrich.

Gingrich said the shelter gets 75 percent of its revenue from voluntary donations from companies and individuals who want to be helpful and 25 percent from the government.
From the AP:
"You learn, I think, to use each news hook to get into a conversation," Gingrich told reporters at his Atlanta campaign headquarters, where he also met with volunteers making phone calls and writing letters to potential GOP voters in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.

"The debt debate is really a reminder that we are just grossly out of cycle in our spending patterns," he said. "We have done this before. We did balance the federal budget for four straight years. We did reform welfare. We did cut taxes to create jobs. We did bring unemployment down. So we know it's doable because we've done it."

The presidential hopeful delivered a dozen or so pizzas to the phone bank volunteers, and he arrived just in time to jump on a call from the Hawkeye state.

"I look forward to being with you, and I'd like to have your help," Gingrich told the caller after a briefly sharing some thoughts on immigration reform. "We'll actually be out there this weekend. We'll let you know where we're going to be, and we'll send you an email."


"Let me say to all of you that I am really, really grateful that you are in here," Gingrich said. "This is very encouraging. It makes me feel very good. This is a very key part of this campaign getting launched in the right direction. You're much more believable than a 30-second TV ad."

Gingrich told reporters Wednesday he's not spending the kind of money some of his GOP competitors are shelling out in Iowa ahead of next month's straw poll, but is relying on a grassroots approach to stay in the race -- focusing instead on town hall meetings, call-in shows, and conference calls with thousands of voters at a time.

"I think that we are improving," Gingrich said. "We went through a period that was disruptive with the consultants. I believe in a positive, solutions-oriented campaign of substance. As we've now moved away from the consultants and back to that model, we're getting more and more coverage and having more and more impact. This country has to have a conversation with itself."

One of his volunteers patted Gingrich on the back and told him, "We're so proud of you. We know you can, because you have."

Susan Euart, who stopped by for a couple of hours to write letters, said she still thinks Gingrich has a shot because she doesn't think the next election will be about money.

"President Obama won because he had an incredible network," Euart said. "He had tons of money. I think people aren't looking at that this time. I really think they'll look past all the fancy ads. People care about who has got real answers, who says what they're going to do and who do they believe."
Newt posted this picture on Facebook:

You can "like" Newt on Facebook here.

Video of Newt discussing Agenda 21


You can sign up for Newt's YouTube channel here.

Audio of Newt on New Hampshire Radio

Link to

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Newt's schedule in Georgia for the 27th and 28th.

(Posted on and the Georgia page on that site.)

-- Wednesday, July 27, 2011: Touring the Genesis Shelter. Atlanta, Georgia. 10:00 AM.

-- Wednesday, July 27, 2011: Meeting with phone bank volunteers at Newt 2012 Headquarters. Atlanta, Georgia. 1:00 PM.

-- Wednesday, July 27, 2011: Fulton County GOP Chairman's Council Meeting. Buckhead, Georgia. Event page.

-- Thursday, July 28, 2011: Speaking to the Cartersville Rotary Club. Cartersville, Georgia. 12:00 PM.

-- Thursday, July 28, 2011: Book signing. Marietta, Georgia. Event page.

-- Thursday, July 28, 2011: Anti-tax Townhall and Rally. Marietta, Georgia. Event page.

Newt actively calling for the repeal of Dodd-Frank

The two worst pieces of legislation passed during the first two years of President Obama's administration -- and what a long list of bad bills that is -- were Obamacare and Dodd-Frank. While every Republican running for President is calling for the repeal of Obamacare, only Newt is out there insisting on the same fate for Dodd-Frank.

Dodd-Frank, whose stated purpose was to end the idea of "too big to fail," has actually just led to the big banks being bigger while killing small, community banks and reducing investment. (But who needs capital in this economy?)

The Huffington Post even said Newt is the only candidate "actually saying anything of substance about it....Gingrich stands alone as the sole 2012 hopeful to level specific criticisms at the law on a regular basis. He published a 924-word broadside against the bill on Wednesday morning for Human Events, a conservative publication."

Jon Ward continues by quoting Newt: "Dodd-Frank is crippling any recovery in the housing market with overly strict requirements on lenders combined with uncertainty for community banks," Gingrich wrote on the Human Events website. "By cementing the two main roadblocks to recovery, uncertainty and low consumer spending, Dodd-Frank has done exactly what Republicans predicted it would."

Yesterday, an article was put out by American Banker in which the author writes:
In fact, in a sit-down interview Friday, [Gingrich] sounded a lot like a community banker.

"The game is rigged against small banks at two levels," Gingrich said in an interview at his Washington office. "One is that the aggregated marginal advantage of borrowing money that is set up here by the Fed is profitable if you are a very, very large bank. It's not nearly as profitable if you are a small bank. You have that disadvantage."

The other problem comes from what he sees as the massive new regulatory burden spurred by the year-old law.

"The regulatory burden can be handled by a large multinational bank as part of their general management process. It kills a small bank," he said.


Although many politicians like to praise community banks in general, it’s unclear how much their fate truly bothers them. For Gingrich, it’s hard to escape the sense that the issue is a core part of his conservative philosophy.

"I have a particular passion for getting back to a community-based, small-business based, local entrepreneurial system," he said. "The whole base of the American model is local citizens with local resources providing local leadership. When you get to huge bureaucratic institutions, so you are branch #643, you have no capacity to provide local leadership anymore."

The former Speaker of the House also shared many small bankers’ distrust for, and distaste of , government interference. In his view, the government’s response to the financial crisis just made the situation worse.


Like Tom Hoenig, the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Gingrich said that Dodd-Frank solidified, rather than eliminated, the concept of too big to fail.


"You already have a whole series of agencies that if they had done their job, it would have worked," he said. "We are now going to add more layers of agencies on top of the agencies we already have with the premise that the next one is going to be smarter and better."

A better strategy would have been to pursue -- and criminally prosecute -- bad actors during the financial crisis, including companies like Goldman Sachs & Co. that sold products that they themselves were betting against.


"You know what capitalism is? Taking risk," Gingrich said. "You know what all those guys who are rich and made all that money and had all those neat places out in the Hamptons? That’s what you get for taking risk. You know what happens when the risk fails? You lose the plane, you lose the mansion. That’s what capitalism is. What we’ve invented is socialism on the way down and capitalism on the way up."
There are some other good quotes, and I recommend going to and read the rest.

Today, Newt sent out an e-mail touting his call for the repeal of the law. He writes:
The mainstream media’s coverage of our campaign has paid little attention to substance and focused far too much attention on trivia and gossip. However, articles such as this one show there is a hunger for leaders with real experience who can offer real solutions.

This campaign is based on the idea that at a time of such significant challenges for America, substance will matter more than smears.

Thank you for your continued support. Please share this article with your family and friends.

Read "Meet Newt Gingrich: The Community Banking Candidate" here.
He also asked everyone to "consider a donation of $10, $25, $50 or more to help continue our campaign of substance over smears."

Video of Newt testifying in front of Congress about Cap and Trade in '09

In light of the Pelosi ad getting brought up again, I thought I would post this video -- which, by the way, has twice as many hits on YouTube as that ad.


Video of Newt talking about Lean Six Sigma


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Video of Newt on Boston FOX's Affiliate

Link on

Newt and Callista screened their documentary about Pope John Paul II, Nine Days that Changed the World, tonight.

Callista tweeted: "Thanks to Catholic Citizenship in Lexington, MA for a great evening!"

Newt campaigning in New Hampshire

Newt was in New Hampshire today and said he will "doing a lot of grassroots things and developing a lot of ideas" over the next few months.

From The Boston Globe:
Gingrich is spending today and tomorrow in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, and has six radio show appearances lined up. His only publicized New Hampshire campaign stop with any voter contact was a tour of Spectrum Marketing Companies, a direct mail and marketing company whose clients include numerous Republican politicians.

Spokesman R.C. Hammond said Gingrich may do another business visit tomorrow. Otherwise, Gingrich is meeting privately with activists and business leaders. He said he met voters at a diner this morning.


Asked about Gingrich’s grassroots activism, Hammond pointed to public events Gingrich did on previous trips, including a town hall meeting on health care in Derry, a meeting with Tea Party activists in Dover, and a meet and greet at a Conway cafe.
More from Shira Schoenberg:
"The difference in substance and difference in experience will make a difference by January," Gingrich told reporters in Manchester. He pledged, "You'll see me here a lot just as you’ll see me in Iowa a lot."

Gingrich said he believes he will attract support from the Tea Party through a "10th amendment enforcement act." Hammond said that refers to an initiative to have citizens identify areas like education or health care where the federal government is overreaching. Republicans promoted a similar concept in 1996, when Gingrich was speaker, through legislation ensuring the federal government does not infringe on states’ rights.

Gingrich also suggested health initiatives focusing on brain science, regenerative medicine, and diabetes. He has said Congress should repeal the Dodd-Frank bill, President Obama’s reform of the financial industry.

"I'll rely on a strategy of substance and the notion that this country is in very deep trouble," Gingrich said. He pointed specifically to the problems of China outpacing the United States in science, technology, and manufacturing; the erosion of American exceptionalism; and the lack of a strategy for dealing with radical Islam. He said Washington has failed to solve the economic problems, and "there"s a very real danger we’re going to have a second dip" of the recession.

In the current impasse between President Obama and Congress over raising the debt ceiling, Gingrich said House Republicans are missing an opportunity to pass numerous potential solutions and force Senate Democrats to vote on them. Gingrich proposed increasing oil and gas exploration offshore and on federal lands, and raising the debt ceiling by $200 billion in exchange for getting that additional revenue.

"They have every right to say to the president 'here are five different ways of solving the problem, are you going to force America to default?' " Gingrich said. "If you are, we’ll have the Obama depression plus the Obama default."

Video of Newt on Fox and Friends


Thank you to Gardner, a great Newt fan in California, for putting the video online.
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