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Complete video of Newt's East Side Tea Party Town Hall

(Well, I believe this is the complete available video. Each time I think I have it, the person who has the video posts another clip on YouTube. If another shows up, I will be sure to include it.)

Part 1.

Part 2.

Part 3.

Part 4.

Part 5.

Part 6.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Thursday with Newt 2012

I wasn't able to blog during the day because I drove up to Iowa this morning. I attended the event unveiling the 21st Century Contract with America. It was great. A lot of excitement in the room. My role was to pass around the sign-up sheets, and a good number of people signed up for updates from the campaign.

I finally got to meet Jeremy Danilson, the President of the Drake Law Republicans, after talking with him online for months.

From there, we went to lunch. Then I finally checked into my hotel, was there a minute, and back on the road to the Iowa Republican Headquarters. Here I helped pass out copies of the Contract to those entering. I started talking to a couple whose son is returning tonight from Afghanistan. She was obviously proud of her son -- rightfully so, of course -- so that was the main focus, but we did discuss Newt. Her and her husband are both big fans. We had talked before the speech, but afterwards, she came up and made a point of praising Newt's argument about military spending. Newt argued that when the United States slashes spending on our armed forces, we project weakness and invite hostile actions toward us. She was in complete agreement.

I will have more about the trip later, but I am going to try to catch some sleep. Early start tomorrow.

Fnd for those who haven't seem them, here are the two posts I wrote back in July after coming up to Iowa the first time:

Exciting times. Thanks everyone for helping make this site a success.

Watch this two-minute video of Newt explaining why he wants people with him, not for him


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tony Lee of Human Events on Newt's big day Thursday

Tony Lee of the conservative weekly wrote an article today previewing Newt's rolling out of the 21st Century Contract with America tomorrow.

I recommend reading the whole thing, but here are some excerpts:
Newt Gingrich​ will unveil a new Contract With America in Iowa on Thursday, and it seems as if it will allow him to both unleash his ideas while also corralling them into a grander campaign theme and strategy for his revived presidential campaign.

Gingrich, who has polled as high as third in national surveys after a string of impressive debate performances, spoke in Doylestown, Pa., on Tuesday at a packed event organized by the founders of the Kitchen Table Patriots, a local Tea Party organization.

In the last week, Gingrich has said his new contract will be an evolving document that will be formed by his ideas and those of voters.

Gingrich, as he said again on Tuesday, has also been asking voters to be "with him" and not just "for him." Gingrich said that if people were just for him, then they would just vote for him, go home, and expect him to clean up the country's mess. Instead, Gingrich asked the audience to be with him not just through November, but for eight years after that to help return power back to the citizen from czars and bureaucrats in a big government run amok.

This framing strategy potentially allows citizens to be stakeholders in a Gingrich campaign and potential presidency, while giving him a way of organizing all of his ideas and potential supporters around one fundamental theme of returning power back to the citizen.
He jabbed Gov. Rick Perry's Texas DREAM Act, which gave instate tuition rates to illegal immigrants, by joking about how, if citizens want cheaper tuition, they should attempt to cross the border, come back, and declare themselves noncitizens.

He also praised the spirit of the FairTax, but said he would be leery of the federal government imposing a national sales tax and an income tax because it would give Congress two methods in which to further tax Americans.

In doing so, he differentiated himself from businessman Herman Cain​'s "9-9-9" plan that calls for a 9% flat tax on income, a 9% corporate tax and a 9% national sales tax.

Gingrich also spoke, as he brilliantly does, about why America is exceptional. He said he has been shaped by Gettysburg, Valley Forge, and the events leading up to the writing of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

"Freedom survives one generation at a time," Gingrich said. "You are the land of the free if you are the home of the brave." Gingrich's task ahead is to get enough people to join him in finalizing a contract that becomes an eight-year blueprint that can be used to return more freedom to individuals and, in so doing, strengthen and restore the country's foundation.
Cain's plan, while catchy and a good step forward, does leave the door open for future Presidents and Congresses to both raise income and sales tax. If the FairTax ever is to be implemented, the 16th Amendment -- which allows for an income tax -- needs to be overturned first.

Today's PPP survey on Florida Republicans

On Monday, Public Policy Polling teased their upcoming poll of Florida Republicans. Today they released the full results. (To be clear, the poll was taken partially before last Thursday's debate and partially after.)

As they said on Monday, Newt is in third place, behind Romney and Perry. Newt's the only other Republican in double digits.

And a reason that Newt can expect to go up in the polls: his favorability in this poll, as I wrote Monday, is higher than Perry's. And Newt shows good numbers across the board: he's 43/37 among moderate GOPers, 54/26 among conservatives, and 72/22 among very conservative voters.

Perry is way under water among moderates, at 29/53.

Video of Newt in Iowa on Obama's Bureaucratic Socialism


This was from a while back, but it kept getting bumped for timelier news.

(Video) Judson Phillips explains why he endorsed Newt 2012


(Video) Newt interview before Florida Faith & Freedom Coalition Conference


The interview with Ralph Reed is quite good -- Reed brings up the fact that the "Clinton Prosperity" only started after Newt was sworn in as Speaker in January 1995.

The audio, however, is not great and does sync with the video very well. Might give you less of a headache if you just listen and not watch.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

(Video) Newt's speech at Presidency 5


More positive comments about @Newt2012HQ's Twitter account

A couple of weeks ago, I quoted Chris Guzman:
As I was tweeting out the Speaker’s remarks in 140 character increments or less, the official Twitter account for his election campaign picked up on my tweets to retweet them to their online audience (see screenshot above). In addition to retweeting me throughout the night, the campaign involved others tweeting about the event by retweeting them as well.

His online strategists clearly understand what it means to have a people-powered online campaign. After all, retweeting his supporters is not only earned media for Mr. Gingrich, but it also demonstrates that the campaign trusts his supporters. That. is. MONEY!

I appreciate Speaker’s emphasis on utilizing direct media (a.k.a. new media) throughout his campaign from the very start. He announced via Twitter and Facebook that he would be joining the 2012 campaign.
Over the weekend, two more people weighed in on how Newt's campaign is using Twitter.

Daniel Bostic:
@Newt2012HQ = GREAT example of how a #presidential campaign twitter account should b run. #interaction is the key. #tcot
Elyssa Giordano, student at Marymount University:
@Newt2012HQ...honestly, you guys do an excellent job with the twitter! Keep it up!

Newt's schedule in Iowa on Thursday and Friday

Writes Jennifer Jacobs of the Des Moines-Register:
Here’s his schedule, according to his campaign:


Noon: Gingrich town hall meeting with employees of the Principal Financial Group, 711 High St. Des Moines. [This is when Newt will be unveiling the 21st Century Contract with America.]

6 p.m., Gingrich will meet with grassroot activists at the Republican Party of Iowa headquarters, 621 East 9th St., Des Moines.


8 a.m., Breakfast with local grassroot activists at the Best Western Starlite Village, 1518 3rd Avenue NW, Fort Dodge.

11 a.m., Gingrich will host a town hall meeting on creating jobs in science and technology. The meeting will be on the campus of Iowa State University. Gingrich will tour the Virtual Reality Application Center after the town hall meeting. hosting a tele-forum with Newt Thursday night

From the group:
Join this exciting LIVE tele-forum and listen to the man who’s not shy about calling out Obama, saying that "Nothing will turn America around more than election night when Barack Obama loses decisively.” This is YOUR chance! Newt will be discussing his newly announced plan with YOU, the Tea Party! Sign up for the opportunity to ask Newt Gingrich questions. To participate in this event, please submit your information below, and we will call you when the event starts next Thursday, 9:45 PM ET, September 29th.

Join the conversation on Twitter by using the hash tag #teacyber.
Go to their website to sign up for the event and/or get more information.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Check out this yard sign on


Tea Party Nation Founder endorses Newt for President

Judson Phillips, who started Tea Party Nation, today announced he is endorsing Newt for President in 2012. Here is the full story on Please read the full story, but here is a snippet:

Gingrich is the candidate who has the vision to fundamentally change the Federal Government. Gingrich has the unique capabilities to be the field general. He is the big idea man, much as Ronald Reagan was.

Gingrich against Obama is a great contrast. He has a track record of accomplishments and has worked at the national level. Gingrich can rightfully claim credit for everything from welfare reform to balancing the budget. Obama can offer nothing against him...

Newt Gingrich is the right candidate to not only help us take this country back from socialism, but roll socialism back.

I am thrilled to endorse Newt Gingrich to be the Republican nominee and the next President of the United States.
Newt's campaign notes the following facts as well:
-- Since the origins of the movement in February 2009, Newt has met with tea party leaders in 41 cities, from California to Connecticut.

-- He has spoken personally with approximately 3,000 tea party activists.

-- He also spoke at the first ever Tax Day Tea Party Rally in New York City to a crowd of 13,000 people.

-- As part of the Newt 2012 campaign, Newt launched Team Ten -- a grassroots online tool on Facebook to assemble ideas from Tea Party activists throughout the country on how to return power back to the states and the people, as the Tenth Amendment instructs. also brought up that this news is on the heels of the Columbia, South Carolina, Tea Party leader endorsing Newt.

Improving poll numbers, improving fundraising numbers, higher numbers of volunteers, and two important Tea Party endorsements. All adds up to momentum.

Two great polls for Newt 2012

The headlines, rightfully, are going to Newt's standing in the latest CNN Poll, which has him at 10% with Sarah Palin included. That's good for third, and the only other candidate besides Romney and Perry in double digits.

But Public Policy Polling (PPP), a Democratic firm, teased their full Florida GOP poll yesterday with two very positive tidbits:
Newt actually more popular with FL Republicans (+28 at 57/29) now than Perry is (+23 at 54/31) (Link)
Newt is the only Republican besides Romney and Perry in double digits in Florida. (Link)
There was also this one, which did not apply directly to Newt, but to how damaging the debate could have been for Perry:
Thursday night part of our Florida poll Romney led Perry by 2. Friday-Sunday part Romney led Perry by 10. Debate did matter.

(Video) Newt's speech at Florida Faith and Freedom Coalition


(This video appears to be just a section -- at just under seven minutes -- of the speech, but it's all I can find. If I find the whole thing, I will post it.)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Surprise! Newt makes a surprise visit to Florida Virtual School Conference (Videos)

Newt mentioned virtual schooling in the Fox News Debate on Thursday, and as luck would have it, the Florida Virtual School Staff Conference was held on Friday.

Newt's Coalitions Director, Adam Waldeck, sent out two tweets:
Just stopping by to see 1700 or so good friends that are leading Florida Virtual Schools
.@newtgingrich to @FLVS: You are pioneers
He sent out a picture (links here and here) with each tweet:

Florida Virtual Schools took a picture themselves:

Here are two videos (links here and here) that attendees of the conference recorded:

(Video) Newt previews 21st Century Contract with America at FL CPAC


Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

(Video) Newt interviewed by David Brody


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