Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Newt 2012 to open another Iowa office soon?

The first Iowa office, located in Des Moines, is expected to be opened before the month is over.

The Daily Iowan reports:
Iowa caucus candidate Newt Gingrich may soon open a campaign office in Iowa City, he told The Daily Iowan at a town-hall meeting Monday, and campus Republicans say that's a good move.

"I think Iowa City is the smartest choice," said Natalie Ginty, the chairwoman of the Iowa Federation of College Republicans, who met with Gingrich staffers recently.

Campaign officials said Iowa City was an attractive location because even though Johnson County is overwhelmingly Democratic, the size of the county means there are many Republicans here.

"We just started thinking about [an eastern Iowa office] over the weekend," said Michael Krull, Gingrich's campaign coordinator. "Some of the [University of Iowa] College Republicans suggested it would be a great thing to have it in Iowa City, so we're definitely considering putting it there."


Johnson County has 18,428 registered Republicans, according to the Johnson County auditor's website. The county has the sixth largest concentration of registered Republicans in the state, according to the Iowa secretary of State's website.

Krull said he sat down with several Iowa Republican supporters over the weekend to discuss the best location for a second Iowa office. The campaign will soon open its first Iowa office in Des Moines, he said.


Johnson County Republican Caucus Chairman Bill Keettel said putting an office in Iowa City would be an excellent geographical choice.

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