Monday, October 24, 2011

Some more of the reaction on Twitter to Newt's speech Saturday Night

Tony Lee of Human Events
Newt says Obama has energy policies that makes perfect sense in a Berkeley classroom but no sense in the real world!!! So True!!!! (link)
Gotta love Newt citing Montesquieu, Judicial Reform Act, TJ. Newt touches 14th Ad re personhood (re life) but not "jurisdiction thereof" (link)
Craig Robinson of
Newt strong at IFFC forum.
Gwen Ecklund, who is the Crawford County, Iowa, GOP chair:
It's pretty noisy in the back of the room as people leave early at #IFFC forum. @newtgingrich hit the grand slam tonight. #iacaucus
Jennifer Jacobs of the Des Moines-Register:
In audition w conservative Iowans, 6 candidates worked to outdo each other.Gingrich, simply put, was on fire.
Iowan Karen Fesler:
@newtgingrich as always doing terrific job. (link)
@newtgingrich giving outstanding lecture on the judiciary (link)
Jedidiah Bila, conservative columnist:
@newtgingrich really nailed it tonight. Very solid.
O. Kay Henderson, News Director of Radio Iowa:
Gingrich seems to get loudest applause of night
Dale Davis:
@Newt2012HQ I want to congratulate Speaker Gingrich on a superior performance last night in Iowa, at the Faith & Freedom forum.
Heath Reeves:
@Newt2012HQ GREAT speech in Iowa last night. I am sending video link to everyone I know and would encourage others to do the same.

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