Friday, October 28, 2011

"Neighbors for Newt: Randy Lavigne from Salem, NH"

On today, the New Hampshire Communications Director for Newt 2012, Matthew LeDuc, told the "story of meeting Vietnam Veteran Randy Lavigne at a recent campaign stop in Concord, NH."
Like many in New Hampshire, [Lavigne] isn’t one to give away his vote freely. Also, having served in Vietnam from ’66 to ’67, he takes the NH Motto of Live Free or Die to heart. "That means I have the right to live as I see fit without unnecessary intrusion from our government."


Because I was running advance for Newt’s Team at this particular event, I happened to be outside the lobby when Newt and his wife, Callista, arrived. A few minutes later, glancing through the picture windows into the crowded lobby, I spotted Newt and Callista, standing beside Randy. They spoke for a good few minutes before shaking hands. Newt made his way to the podium to address the gathered crowd, and Randy sat and listened intently.

The following day I got to thinking about Randy. I was curious to know if he was able to ask his question, but also, I wondered if he got the answer he was looking for. I decided to call him and find out.

After reaching him on the phone and reintroducing myself, Randy told me, “I absolutely got to ask my question. I wanted to know if Newt was committed enough to run for the people.” Before I could ask if Randy got the response he was looking for, he added, “I am 100% convinced and without question, going to vote for Newt.”

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