Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A poll in Wisconsin: Newt tied for third

Public Policy Polling also released their Wisconsin poll today, and Newt is tied for third in this one.

Newt's favorability rating in the Badger State is 50/38.

Only Cain (at 18%) beats Newt (16%) among those picking a second choice.

In what is becoming a trend, Cain's support is very shallow, with only 29% of those supporting him being "strongly committed" to him.

Newt's just under water with moderates (39/43) but has good numbers with somewhat conservative voters (52/36) and (55/36).

Newt's favorability among women is 53/32. He's at 48/43 among men. Will the media report on that? (As always, I already know the answer.)

Newt is above water with every age group but the 18-29 group, which I am going to assume is a fluke since no other poll has shown that wide a gap. (Oddly enough, he is tied with Cain among that age group for being the second choice of other candidates' supporters.)

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