Thursday, October 27, 2011

Another big Sarah Palin supporter endorses Newt

On Wednesday, Josh Painter, who has been one of the top pro-Palin blogger since 2008, endorsed Newt.

Tony Lee, who is covering the Presidential race for conservative weekly Human Events, sent out two tweets:
Wow. @Josh_Painter (!!) supports @NewtGingrich, has "Reagan-Palin conservatives for Newt" website (conservatives4Newt). This dude is FIERCE. (link)
Josh Painter is one of the most ferocious online Palin supporters. Now, he's supporting Newt. Got my attention. (link)
Here is the website Painter has started.

Go check out the website, but here is an excerpt:
What is clear, at least to this Palin supporter who has done his homework, is that when the records, policy positions and treatment of Sarah Palin by the announced GOP presidential candidates are stacked up next to each other, only Newt Gingrich stands out as the real Reagan conservative among them. There is no other logical second choice. I'm convinced an increasing number of Gov. Palin's supporters will eventually come to the same conclusion.
In fact, several other major Palin supporters have jumped on board Newt 2012.

Sheya wrote:
Newt Gingrich is a man of ideas, is smart, has solutions, knows how the world works, and has leadership qualities. No one can argue that Gingrich is not qualified to be president. I can see Gingrich in the situation room making tough decisions without needing 16 hours to adjust or calculate how it will affect him politically. A President Gingrich would be feared by dictators and respected by our allies.
Tennessee4Palin re-tweeted the above post, writing "Agreed!"

Coloradans4Palin wrote:
Newt Gingrich may be the closest thing we now have to Reagan. Someone with an optimistic spirit to lift the country out of its misery. Someone who knows how to practically renew and restore America. Someone who can rise above petty bickering and just plain fix things. And as a professor with carefully reasoned ideas, he may be the only person who will be able to lecture Obama instead of the other way around.


Gingrich is electable, conservative, and has a good track record to boot. Go Newt!

And I think it's safe to say that this won't be the last Palinista to support Newt.

(Newt also recently went on the radio with Stephen Bannon, the filmmaker of "The Undefeated.")

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