Saturday, November 12, 2011

Taking down the myth that women will not vote for Newt

A meme is developing -- echoed by Erick Erickson, Tony Perkins, and some others on the Right -- that Newt will not be able to get women votes.

Is it true? The polling is nearly unanimous: no, it's not.

In an Ohio poll released November 8, Newt received the support of 22% of the women surveyed. 17% of men said they would vote for him. His favorability ratings: 60-24 among women and 64-25% with men.

In a Wisconsin poll released late October -- where he would likely have better numbers right now -- Newt's seen favorably by 53% women; 32 viewed him unfavorably. Men were 48/43.

In a Nevada poll -- also from late October, the breakdown was:
Men: 72/24.
Women: 60/27.
All of which is to say that in some polls Newt does a little better among men, does better among women in some, and generally does about the same.

But when has facts stopped the media and pundits from saying something?

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