Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Newt leads in Mississippi, 28 to 25 over Cain

The poll is from Public Policy Polling.

Newt's favorability rating is 63/22.

Newt's numbers still have room to grow as well. 17% list Cain as their second choice, but 15% say Newt is.

PPP writes: "And if Cain does eventually implode, Newt Gingrich is well positioned to become the new Republican front runner." 28% of Cain's supporters in Mississippi list Newt as their second choice.

Newt has great numbers among both men and women.

Among different age groups:
18-29: 55/34%
30-45: 62-15%
46-65: 61-27%
65-older: 69-17%
Moderates: 39-36%
"Somewhat conservative": 60-26%
"Very conservative": 72-15%

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