Saturday, November 12, 2011

WOW! Five great polls -- three national, one Iowa, one South Carolina

With all the great news Friday, it might have been the best day of the campaign so far.

A CBS national poll:
Cain: 18%
Gingrich: 15%
Romney: 15%
The poll finds Gingrich leading among those who consider themselves in the tea party movement: Newt got the support of 21%, Cain is at 19%, and Romney at 11%.

In the case of an international crisis, 31% say Newt would handle it the best. 19% say the same of Romney and 8% say it of Cain.

A McClatchy/Marist poll, also nationwide:
Romney: 23%
Gingrich: 19%
Cain: 17%
That McClatchy poll finds that Newt's supporters are the most committed to their candidate -- 43% are strongly with Newt, 31% are the same with Cain, and 30% are firmly in Romney's camp.

Newt leads among tea party members, 28-22% over Cain.

It also finds that for voters who value experience as their number one factor in voting, Newt gets the most support. And for those who value electability over everything else, Newt comes in second, behind Mitt Romney, but far ahead of everyone else.

Romney: 24%
Cain: 21%
Gingrich: 16%
A South Carolina poll:
Cain: 25.6%
Gingrich: 18.9%
Romney: 16.1%
Newt is campaigning in South Carolina tomorrow, including unveiling the campaign headquarters in Greenville.
An Iowa poll:
Cain: 23.3%
Romney: 18.7%
Gingrich: 14.5%
I'll have more on it tomorrow, but from now through when Iowa votes on January 3rd -- which is about 53 days --Newt will be in the Hawkeye State 30 of them.

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