Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Newt's the second choice of 38% of Cain supporters in Ohio

And as I wrote yesterday, Cain's favorability rating is down 11 points in the last 3 weeks.

Only 42% of Cain's supporters are firmly committed to him -- which makes the fact about Newt being their second choice by far big news. He's the top second choice of all candidates, with 19% of the respondents listing Newt as their second pick.

PPP writes: "Gingrich has had a massive improvement in his image over the last six months. When we polled Ohio in May his favorability was +8 at 42/34. Now it's improved by 30 points to +38 at 62/24."

25% remain uncommitted, and based on Newt's favorability and being the second choice of so many, he's in prime position to pick up those undecideds.

Among women, Newt's favorability is 60-24; among men, 64-25%.

22% of the women surveyed picked Newt; 17% of men did the same. I keep asking this question: will the media keep saying women won't vote for Newt?

Among age groups:
18-29: 58-23%
30-45: 56-30%
46-65: 65-23%
65-older: 65-22%

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