Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What did they tweet about Newt tonight?

Jedediah Bila, conservative columnist:
@newtgingrich takes on Bernanke right from the start. Well done.
Bila again:
Have never heard @NewtGingrich struggle to answer a question. Not once.
Noel Sheppard of
.@NewtGingrich slams it out of the park with his first answer. Very solid start.
Guy Benson, Political Editor and radio host:
Newt rips media and #OWS as ignorant on history. Audience goes wild.
Dana Loesch, talk radio host and co-founder of St. Louis Tea Party:
Gingrich is owning the 99% - 1% question. "Was Gates when he started in the 99 or 1%" #CNBCdebate
Ralph Reed:
Newt surge is now official.
Jim Acosta, CNN Political Correspondent:
Conservative twitter-verse loving Gingrich, again.
Matthew Jakubowski:
Very impressed by @newtgingrich at the #cnbcdebate-- I love his #commonsense and experience balancing budgets and work as Speaker
Craig Robinson of
Round One goes to Newt Gingrich #CNBCDebate #tcot #iacaucus
Tory Dunnan of CNN:
@Newt2012HQ Newt seems to be a crowd pleaser tonight. #cnbcdebate #gop
Tim Albrecht, communications director for Iowa Governor Terry Branstad:
Gingrich is right. Dodd-Frank severely hurting our Iowa small-town banks. #CNBCDebate
Phil Kerpen, Vice President of Americans for Prosperity:
Newt crushed the health care lightning round after correctly mocking it. Kudos.
Dennis Ross, U.S. Congressman (FL-12):
@Newt2012HQ is 100% right about Social Security.
Oakland University Republicans (the debate was live from their campus):
We are really liking @newtgingrich tonight! #CNBCdebate #debateOU @Newt2012HQ
Tim Alberta of National Journal:
Gingrich was certainly prepared for that answer on ballooning student loan debt. Very well received.
Rockingham County (New Hampshire) Republicans:
#newt2012HQ Head and Shoulders above the field tonight.
Ed Morrissey, writer for, columnist, and talk radio host:
So far, heading into the home stretch, I think Newt is winning this debate by a good margin. Romney good, Paul doing very well #cnbcupdate
Dana Loesch:
Gingrich won that one, folks. #CNBCdebate
Jeff Emanuel, contributor to
I declare Newt tonight's winner. The end.

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