Friday, October 21, 2011

What did Frank Luntz' focus group think of Newt?

Some excerpts from a piece from Newsmax:
Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s “positive attitude” made him the clear winner in Tuesday night’s Republican presidential debate, according to participants in a focus group conducted after the often contentious forum by pollster Frank Luntz. Only three people supported Gingrich when the debate began, but a large number in the crowd raised their hands when Luntz asked who supported him after it ended.

“He spoke to me and told me that we welcome everybody — everyone has an equal chance in this country,” a Vietnamese immigrant in the Las Vegas crowd said. “You know, my family — we came here from Vietnam as boat people — we came here to America, poor. My dad — he spoke to me and told me that: yes, you can work hard, get an education and be successful. And it's OK — And I support that.”
“He’s the only person in there I think that can run this country and make America again like the Reagan years — and he is so positive,” one participant said. “He’s the smartest man on there — and I say to all the Republicans: Give Newt a chance.”
“He’s so natural with what he says — he’s not polished, it is not something he has rehearsed in his mind a hundred times,” she said. “It’s what he believes and it comes out so clearly and honestly and witty that you believe what he says.”
The participants thought the squabbling between Mitt Romney and Rick Perry was terrible, and most were especially tough on Perry for it.

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