Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Newt in 3rd place in Ohio and Hawaii

Public Policy Polling released their two latest surveys today, from Ohio and Hawaii.

They find Newt in third by himself in Ohio and tied for third in Hawaii.

In Ohio, his favorability rating is 56/32. He gets equal support form both those who consider themselves to be part of the tea party movement and those who do not. That's as opposed to Cain, who relies on support from the tea party movement, and Romney, who relies on support of those who do not.

PPP wrote: "Why Cain's leads are very fragile -- only 35-36% of his supporters say they're firmly committed to him."

In Hawaii, Newt's favorables are 53/35. Newt is above water across-the-board: 44/33 with moderates, 53/38 among somewhat conservative voters, and 63/28 among very conservative voters. As well as among both men and women, as he was in Ohio.

Newt's favorables among Asian-Americans in Hawaii are second only to Cain. Of course, the all-knowing media chortled at Newt's inclusion of them in his campaign. Will the media report that the inclusioin has seemed to have worked? Of course not.


  1. My husband Steve Sabolich of Westlake Ohio Cuyahoga County wants to be a Newt delegate.


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