Friday, October 21, 2011

Read what someone who attended Newt's Phoenix town hall thought of it

Tressie found this:
I was getting back to everyone on here about the Townhall meeting last night in Phoenix with Newt. I made it there on time with my sister, despite my car breaking down) to get a seat in a packed out room (500+) of mostly conservatives and Tea Party members. Our chairman of the AZ Republican party was also there. Jan Brewer and the VIPs met with him earlier

I just want to say that all doubts or reservations I had about Newt from the past were completely erased after spending two hours of talk and interaction at this TownHall meeting. The conservatives here in Arizona do embrace Newt with great support.

He is brilliant in both conservative wisdom and maturity, made his mistakes and learned from them, knows our country's history, understands the international and national problems we face, and believes we are at a critical crossroads for America. We are down to a life or death situation for our country in 2012, need to be on high alert, and ban together as grassroots American patriots like we've never done before.

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