Saturday, October 22, 2011

Videos, pictures, and tweets from Newt's Dallas Tea Party Town Hall

Two videos from @blogbat:



The Chairman of the Dallas County Republican Party tweeted: "Place is packed to hear @newtgingrich and people are still filing in."

A picture from @cdarren:

From Michelle Selesky of Newt's campaign:

Omar Villafranca, a NBC reporter in the Dallas area, tweeted this picture:

Here is a short portion of Newt's speech:
Gingrich summarized the focus of his campaign by saying, “The hallmark of this campaign is going to be to go into every neighborhood…look people in the eye and say ‘would you rather that your children had a paycheck or a food stamp?’… I think you are going to find that people of every ethnic background in this country” will want their children to be “independent, self-reliant” and able to pursue the American dream.

He also repeated something he has said multiple times on the campaign trail that he would aggressively challenge Obama to several Lincoln-Douglass-style debates with a timekeeper but no moderator. If Obama declined, Gingrich promised to follow Obama around the country, city-by-city, and respond to every comment that Obama makes. “Everywhere the President goes, I will appear. I will methodically take apart every Obama speech until he agrees to debate me…I don’t believe he can defend either his performance or his principles or his policies.”
After that last picutre, Ben Smith of Politico tweeted: "We're headed inevitably into a Newt cycle, right?"

Byron York of the Washington Examiner replied: "Feels that way."

@HowSaraRolls sent out this message:
@newtgingrich Thank you SO much for coming to Dallas! You are so brilliant & did a great job! I was lucky enough to be in the front row!
And @AngieLeeG:
Just saw @newtgingrich in DFW airport. Seems like a real person. Bonus point for @newtgingrich on my voting barometer! #GOP @Sean_Donovan

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