Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Iowa State Rep. Joshua Byrnes gives his take on last night's debate

Byrnes opens with:
Wow, where does one even begin to comment following this debate. I think it's obvious that Gov. Perry is in survival mode as he now appears to be more on the offense than defense.
Regarding Newt, he writes:
I think the biggest "elephant" in the room not being talked about is Newt's performance. I read some articles this morning about last night's debate that don't even mention Newt's name.

In so many of these debates the former Speaker has been the clear winner based on debate, policy, and, political experience. I also like the fact that he stays above the attacks of the other GOP candidates and stays on message.

I seriously think we need to step back and analyze this situation. You have a candidate with experience on a federal level, has experience with foreign policy, worked in a bi-partisan manner with President Clinton to balance a budget and reform welfare, has served as consultant on many national security issues, and drafted many sound reform policies and we don't put him at the top of the list of candidates?

What is it that is holding the Gingrich campaign back? Media? Money? Is this an example of what is wrong with American politics in that the he/she with the most money wins? As a Republican I have not endorsed a candidate but given the tailspin this country is in it may be time to elect a person with some experience and end this on-the-job training method we have used for the most important political position in the United States.

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