Saturday, August 13, 2011

"What They’re Saying about Newt's Debate Performance"

The campaign put together this list of some of the praise Newt got for Thursday night's debate performance.

I will post a couple.

From Kevin Hall of
The former House speaker was fired up and had a terrific debate. Substance on the issues has always been his forte and Newt showed that. He was also combative with the moderators, demanding they ask substantive questions. The audience responded very strongly to that. Gingrich showed a fire and passion that conservatives are longing for. He would utterly dismantle Barack Obama in a one-on-one debate. It was a terrific performance.
Craig Robinson of the same website:
...his grasp of history and his ability to reference it in some of his answers is incredible…The best moment of the debate came when Gingrich took Fox News Anchor Chris Wallace to task. Doing so was risky, but Gingrich came off as the most serious candidate on the stage last night.
Iowa Radio Talk Show Host Steve Deace:
[Newt Gingrich] was forceful without looking undistinguished, aggressive without losing his self-dignity, informed, informative, and put leadership ahead of policy. This was the Gingrich of the 1994 Republican Revolution.
Craig Shirley:
Gingrich was simply head and shoulders above the rest. This is the Newt people have been waiting for; an articulate and forceful conservative who knows the world he lives in.
Go onto and read the rest. Lots of great quotes.

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