Monday, August 8, 2011

Newt 2012 Press Release: "Iowans See Leadership in Gingrich's Big Ideas"

Here is the full release:
Newt campaigned in Iowa last week marking his fifth trip to the state since the Fourth of July. Stops included meeting with business leaders in Cedar Rapids, an employee town hall at Johnston based Pioneer Hi-Bred, a lawn party in Des Moines hosted by former Congressman Greg Ganske and a candidate BBQ that included McCotter, Santorum and Pawlenty along with Gingrich in Tiffin, IA sponsored by the Johnson County GOP.

Solutions, Solutions, Solutions

Cedar Rapids Gazette: “He’s engaging voters with his solutions … he’s treating us as if we are adults,” said [Dan] Seufferlein, who introduced Gingrich...Gingrich’s solutions are his appeal, added Dean Rothchild of Cedar Rapids. “He has a record of accomplishments,” said Rothchild, who said that if he goes to the straw poll he’ll “probably mark down Gingrich’s name. ” Article

Newt: Dodd Frank is to Banks What Obamacare is to Healthcare

Des Moines Register: "....The crowd applauded loudly when he advocated repealing the act." [Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.]....Gingrich attended a lawn party hosted by former U.S. Rep. Greg Ganske in Des Moines on Thursday night. About 85 people attended the event, huddling under a tent in Ganske’s backyard to avoid getting wet from a gentle rain that began at about the time Gingrich arrived. Article

Employee Town Hall Meeting at Pioneer Hi-Bred

Des Moines Register “…at Pioneer [Hi-Bred], [Gingrich] was well-received. “He’s got a terrific mind,” said Dan Cosgrove, a vice president at Pioneer. “He’s got a lot of really good ideas – major ideas – not minor changes, but true change. ” Article

OpEd: Why We need a 21st-Century Food & Drug Administration. Article

"Loudest waves of applause" “It was Gingrich’s 20-minute speech that sent the loudest waves of applause and laughter reverberating off the cinder block walls…“He had a very dynamic message,” said [Julie] Crook, a quality control inspector at Hanson Directory Service, Inc. “What he wants to do with the government if he became president is what I would want to do to. So I was very impressed with that. ” Eastern Iowa rally lights up for Gingrich by Hannah Hess, Article

Tweets from Tiffin...

NBC News's Alexandra Moe (@AlexNBCNews): @newtgingrich getting more applause at Tiffin #Iowa event than first 2 speakers Tweet

Political Columnist Kathie Obradovich (@KObradovich): Gingrich is putting on a clinic on how to give a stump speech. The audience is eating it up. #iacaucus Tweet

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