Friday, August 12, 2011

Keep the Newt 2012 Momentum Going: An Action Plan


Tonight was Newt at his best, and it is reflected in him being the winner of the debate according to most observers. (See my earlier post here for more reaction to the debate.)

But we, as Newt supporters, need to help the momentum going. Here is a little bit of how you can support -- remember: be with Newt, not for him -- Newt 2012:

First, if you have not already, go to and sign up. Give money if you can.

If you are on Facebook:

-- "Like" Newt's page if you, unlike 144,054 people as of this moment, do not already.

-- Sign up on Newt Volunteer's page, Create Jobs Now: Repeal Dodd-Frank, and Team 10: Small Government, Big Citizens.

-- I help run a Newt supporter group on Facebook as well.

If you are on Twitter:

-- Follow Newt's personal account, Newt2012HQ, Newt2012IA, Newt2012NH, Newt2012SC, Newt2012FL, Newt2012NV, and Newt2012GA.

-- Here is a list I have created of Newt 2012 staffers. You can follow it by clicking here.

-- When tweeting about Newt, please try to include the hashtag #withNewt.

-- My own personal account: JoshGosser1776.

Of course, spread the word about Newt to your friends and family.

Also, and not to distract from official Newt 2012 business, but you can sign up for e-mail updates from this site. (The e-mail will come in the morning and contains all posts from the previous day. The e-mail subscription box will not show up when viewing this on a mobile device but otherwise will be on the right side of the screen.)

If you are not in one of the early primary states, you can also sign up on your state's page on, which I run.

Tonight (well, last night) was great for the campaign. We need to keep it going.


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