Friday, August 12, 2011

Reaction to Newt's Ames Debate Performance

First, during the day, Katrina Trinko from National Review posted this picture:

Newt's here, too! Callista takes photo for a fan on Twitpic

Then, two Newt supporters in Iowa posted pictures of their views of the debate.

Jeremy Danilson:

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

Ashley Ervin:

Now onto the actual debate reaction. And what a positive reaction it was for Newt.

Among those saying Newt won: Craig Robinson of, Iowa talk radio host Steve Deace, David Yepsen, pollster Frank Luntz, Pat Anderson, Rod D. Martin, Noel Sheppard, and Brent Bozell (who said Newt was "not just winning debate; he's crushing).

(For the full Newt2012HQ Twitter feed, in which many more calls of a Gingrich victory are included, click here.)

Some of my favorite tweets:

You are killing everybody tonight...I cannot wait to caucus

Audience coming out of debate overwhelmingly say Gingrich came away winner.

Strong_America (Strong America Now):
@newtgingrich just mentioned Lean Six Sigma in the Fox News debate! We need more talk on real solutions!

@newtgingrich is right. Our country should be about efficiency, not waste. Lean six sigma. @Newt2012HQ

The BEST idea out of the debate: Newt- implement Lean Sigma-Six in all areas of government.

Newt's campaign also proved its adeptness on social media by posting Newt's record on Facebook, then putting the link on Twitter, within minutes in response to moderator Chris Wallace.

Here is a video clip of Newt from the debate, in which he rips the "Super Congress" idea.

I will post another video clip, though not from the debate, of Newt discussing the fight to recall three Iowa judges last year who usurped power and voted to legalize gay marriage. (All three were defeated.) During the debate, former Senator Rick Santorum said he was the only candidate there who helped in the recall effort.

In the following video (starting at about the 2:16 mark), Bryan Fischer says Newt was "very involved, very supportive" in the effort.


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