Monday, August 8, 2011

Newt discussing Strong America Now on Hannity's radio show

Here is the audio of Newt discussing Strong America Now on Sean Hannity's radio show last week.

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  1. I find it so funny that for so many years Fox news has been asking Newt for advice on this countries needs, but now they give him no RESPECT, and want to nominate politicians to the WH with NO political experience. Yeh that worked out great last time didnt it? The nominees they (fox) keep covering have absolutely no clue to what the country needs. They have no chance of beating Obama. Mitt, Michele, Rick.(laugh) they have no clue what is going on. If the Rep. nominate anybody other than Newt- I will never vote Rep again. I am already ticked off about the cowardly way FOX J.Bonehead and the Tea Party went after Soc.Sec. & Med. Tea party cowards didnt want to go after OTHER entitlement programs,which give the incentive NOT TO WORK. They wanted to pick on the Old Folks of this country that worked for their benefits. Soc. Sec. has been WORKED for. Obamacare is not an incentive to go to WORK. If you give FREE healthcare, food and housing, Why would someone go to Work to PAY for their Soc. Sec. and Medicare. Senior Citizens and disabled have paid for their Benefits.Why does FOX news and Tea Party think they can elect who they want. Do they actually think they are the only ones that VOTE and everybody else is Stupid but Them? I Pray that Newt makes the WH...He is the only one with answers and will bring GOD back to America. NEWT 2012


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