Monday, September 26, 2011

Two great polls for Newt 2012

The headlines, rightfully, are going to Newt's standing in the latest CNN Poll, which has him at 10% with Sarah Palin included. That's good for third, and the only other candidate besides Romney and Perry in double digits.

But Public Policy Polling (PPP), a Democratic firm, teased their full Florida GOP poll yesterday with two very positive tidbits:
Newt actually more popular with FL Republicans (+28 at 57/29) now than Perry is (+23 at 54/31) (Link)
Newt is the only Republican besides Romney and Perry in double digits in Florida. (Link)
There was also this one, which did not apply directly to Newt, but to how damaging the debate could have been for Perry:
Thursday night part of our Florida poll Romney led Perry by 2. Friday-Sunday part Romney led Perry by 10. Debate did matter.

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