Monday, September 26, 2011

(Video) Newt's speech at Florida Faith and Freedom Coalition


(This video appears to be just a section -- at just under seven minutes -- of the speech, but it's all I can find. If I find the whole thing, I will post it.)


  1. We have to stop Agenda 21 and sustainable Development.
    I have people that tell me this can't happen,but I already see it in our schools and see the socialist pushing their agenda in Florida, and many other states. We have to push this stuff back and completely stop it. I have seen where this green movement has been proved to be a bold face lie.
    Now lets get busy and stop it.

  2. This video I think is from Delaware
    Here is a different link that seem to look the same, as far as the back drop goes.


    But I could be wrong.


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