Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Thursday with Newt 2012

I wasn't able to blog during the day because I drove up to Iowa this morning. I attended the event unveiling the 21st Century Contract with America. It was great. A lot of excitement in the room. My role was to pass around the sign-up sheets, and a good number of people signed up for updates from the campaign.

I finally got to meet Jeremy Danilson, the President of the Drake Law Republicans, after talking with him online for months.

From there, we went to lunch. Then I finally checked into my hotel, was there a minute, and back on the road to the Iowa Republican Headquarters. Here I helped pass out copies of the Contract to those entering. I started talking to a couple whose son is returning tonight from Afghanistan. She was obviously proud of her son -- rightfully so, of course -- so that was the main focus, but we did discuss Newt. Her and her husband are both big fans. We had talked before the speech, but afterwards, she came up and made a point of praising Newt's argument about military spending. Newt argued that when the United States slashes spending on our armed forces, we project weakness and invite hostile actions toward us. She was in complete agreement.

I will have more about the trip later, but I am going to try to catch some sleep. Early start tomorrow.

Fnd for those who haven't seem them, here are the two posts I wrote back in July after coming up to Iowa the first time:

Exciting times. Thanks everyone for helping make this site a success.

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