Thursday, September 15, 2011

A great piece about Newt's campaign's social media strategy

(Another post I had to keep pushing back with all the news.)

Last week, Newt held a Team 10 Townhall in Pasadena, California (which I had a post about here). During the event, Chris Guzman (@christopherguz on Twitter), who was attending, started to tweet quotes of Newt. Newt 2012's Campaign account, @Newt2012HQ, started re-tweeting Chris.

Chris wrote a post about it. Go read the whole thing please, but here is an excerpt:
As I was tweeting out the Speaker’s remarks in 140 character increments or less, the official Twitter account for his election campaign picked up on my tweets to retweet them to their online audience (see screenshot above). In addition to retweeting me throughout the night, the campaign involved others tweeting about the event by retweeting them as well.

His online strategists clearly understand what it means to have a people-powered online campaign. After all, retweeting his supporters is not only earned media for Mr. Gingrich, but it also demonstrates that the campaign trusts his supporters. That. is. MONEY!

I appreciate Speaker’s emphasis on utilizing direct media (a.k.a. new media) throughout his campaign from the very start. He announced via Twitter and Facebook that he would be joining the 2012 campaign.
You can watch the Townhall here.

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