Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pictures and articles of Newt's recent trip to New Hampshire

(Since it is September 11th for those reading the morning e-mail, I just want to say God Bless those who lost their lives ten years ago today, their families and friends, and those who are protecting us all over the world.)

Here is the link to the Facebook picture gallery of Newt at New England College on Thursday.

And yesterday at Saint Anselm College.

And here is a picture Newt 2012's Coalitions Director took of Newt during the Halftime Conference Call:

From this article in The Union-Leader:
Andrew Smith, a political science professor at the University of New Hampshire and director of the UNH Survey Center, was in the audience to hear Gingrich’s remarks.

Smith called the former House Speaker’s comments engaging and entertaining, even for some Democrats in the crowd. Smith said he was impressed with Gingrich’s historical knowledge, and how he uses that historical perspective to understand and debate current issues and policies.
And The Nashua Telegraph has this from Smith:
University of New Hampshire Survey Center Director Andrew Smith praised Gingrich’s speech.

“He speaks unlike most of the other candidates. This is not a standard stump speech but one that has a lot of thought and breath to it,” Smith said. “The problem is much of that strength is what makes him less electable than some of the others. He’s telling the voters what they need to hear rather than what candidates and consultants want them to hear.”
I think Smith might have been right a few years ago, but I believe today the American people know there will be tough decisions ahead -- and they want a leader who knows what decisions to make and who knows how to carry them out.

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