Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What are those #withNewt saying?

A friend on Facebook:
I believe Newt will win the primaries because he is the logical choice. Why would America risk replacing Obama with a candidate inexperienced in dealing with the issues we face? Not only does Newt best articulate the issues and how to handle them, but he has already done it. Why would America pick a candidate who never... balanced a budget while we are in a 14 trillion dollar deficit? Why wouldn't an American pick a candidate who created 8.4 million jobs (more than all the candidates combined) in a time we have unemployment at 9.2%? Why wouldn't an American pick a candidate who created a mass transparency in government while we endure the most clandestine administration in history? Why wouldn't America pick an candidate to replace this food stamp President with a candidate who reformed welfare, putting two thirds of recipients back to work or school? Why wouldn't America replace a spendthrift President who has spent more than all the Presidents in history combined with a candidate whose record is one that put spending at it's lowest levels since the 1920s?

I can go on and on. Newt's timeless conservative principles are the panacea to this liberal/socialist plague this country is enduring. I am voting for Newt proudly and believe he will win. Newt in 2012!!

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