Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pictures and Tweets from Newt's Tea Party Townhall in California

Tonight, Newt hosted his first Team 10 townhall meeting in Pasadena, California.

Here are some tweets that were re-Tweeted by the campaign's account:

A few from @christopherguz:
Newt introduced by Tea Party leader as "the only man who has balanced a federal budget in our life time."
"Immediately repeal the Dodd-Frank bill"- @newtgingrich
Crowd erupts in applause to @NewtGingrich's call to repeal #ObamaCare.
"I'm not asking you to be for me. I'm asking you to be with me." @newtgingrich
@newtgingrich tells crowd "I'm going to need you for the next 8 years"
A couple from Newt's Coalitions Director:
Overflow crowd at our first Team 10 Town Hall in Pasadena, CA.
He included a picture of the crowd:

Newt: Everyone who was responsible for the decision to raid Gibson Guitars should be fired
Another picture of the crowd was attached:

Newt: the center of sovereignty is the citizen, not the government
And two more Tweets, these from a CBS/National Journal reporter:
Gingrich's campaign seems alive and well in Pasadena, CA, where a standing-room-only crowd of Tea Party members are applauding proposals.
A black woman at Gingrich's Tea Party town hall gets big round of cheers for opening with,”good evening Mr. Speaker and my fellow racists.”
(Just love that one!)

And one more picture:

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