Monday, September 5, 2011

Here is the response to Newt's performance from today on Twitter

Matthew Hurtt:
@NewtGingrich does an excellent job relating to the audience early on. #DeMintForum
CharlestonPats (Charleston Tea Party):
Nobody does American exceptionalism better than @newtgingrich opening remarks #scpol #palmettoff
@newtgingrich points out super committee doesn't represent all the people #palmettoff #scpol
Rich Lowry, editor of National Review:
newt absolutely nails it on dec of ind
Yvonne Wenger, reporter for The Post and Courier
Gingrich gets first response applause when he is talking about judicial encroachments
Chris Oviatt, South Carolina GOP Executive Committee Member:
Newt has gotten more applause in his first 10 mins than the previous candidates combined! #palmettoff #sctweets
Amanda Carpenter, communications adviser for Senator Jim DeMint:
GINGRICH: "Bad government has destroyed the city of Detroit."
Tony Lee, 2012 reporter for Human Events:
Newt on Melting Pot. Out of park! will be the color blind litmus test for GOP going forward this decade. Just watch. #CA1990s
David M. Reed:
@newtgingrich laid out THE BEST plan for a New America. The DeMint Forum has been incredible. #GOP #GOPDebate
Mark Eidel:
@newtgingrich did VERY well at @JimDeMint's Palmetto Freedom Forum.
Bill Bruner:
Newt best candidate tonight: on life issues, role of Creator in public life, jobs & energy policy, borders & judicial overreach! #palmettoff
The State, a paper in Columbia, South Carolina:
Gingrich is done. He got the most laughs/applause so far. #palmettoff
That was just a sample. For more that the campaign sent out here, click here.


  1. Newt has Real Solutions.

  2. Newt is amazing in his all-encompassing grasp of all matters he is asked to speak about and offers very well thought out enumerated solutions.

  3. Yes, more real solutions than any other candidate -- by far.

    Walter: Loved your tweet. I didn't include it in my post, but it was sent out by the campaign's Twitter account.


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