Thursday, November 17, 2011

Newt re-adds two Iowa staffers

(Update: Schoenfeld will now be the senior adviser and Koberg his deputy.

"More paid staff announcements are pending as well as the opening of seven campaign offices statewide," writes NBC.)

Newt re-added two Iowa staffers today: Craig Schoenfeld, who had served as executive director of the Iowa team, and Katie Koberg, who was deputy director. had this to say about Koberg back in May:
Koberg is an exceptional hire for Gingrich. With so many of Iowa’s political operatives now working in state government since the state has a Republican governor for the first time in over a decade, there are not that many operatives with a resume like Koberg’s out there for presidential candidates to choose from.

Over a span of almost six years, Koberg has developed contacts and relationships with legislative candidates across the state through here work at Iowans for Tax Relief. Those relationships, and her knowledge of the political landscape across the state, will be an asset for the Gingrich campaign.
The same writer, Craig Robinson, said this of Schoenfeld:
Schoenfeld is a long-time veteran of local and statewide Iowa political campaigns. In 2004, he ran the Iowa Victory effort for President Bush, in addition to working on President Bush’s successful caucus effort in 2000.


Schoenfeld provides Gingrich with an understanding of how Iowa caucus campaigns operate.

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