Monday, November 14, 2011

Digging deeper into today's polls

The headlines from today's poll are, deservedly, that Newt is basically in a statistical tie for first place nationally and Iowa.

But there is plenty of other good news in the polls that suggests Newt has plenty of room to keep improving. His favorability, according to Public Policy Polling's poll, is by far the best in the GOP field:
Newt: 68 favorable/23 unfavorable
Cain: 57/31
Romney: 48/39
Bachmann: 40/41
Perry: 35/49
Romney's favorability numbers is at a six-month low.

Newt is seen favorably by Cain voters 73/21. They view Romney 33/55 and Perry 32/53.

Women view Newt favorably 67/21. Men view Newt 69/26. Newt gets the support of 31% of women surveyed and 26% of men.

Those darn women voters just cannot stand him!

Across age groups:
18 to 29: 64-36%
30-45: 60-30%
46-65: 73-18%
65 and older: 69-23%
No other candidate is above water with all age groups.

CNN's poll finds Newt's favorability with all adult Americans is 36/39, which has improved from 30/44 since June. Romney is the best but only at 39/35. Ron Paul is at 32/34.

They find Newt's favorability rating to be 61/21.

Newt's favorability with all adult males to be 39/39. With women, it's 33/39.

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