Tuesday, November 15, 2011

California GOP poll: Newt 33%, Romney 23%, Cain 22%, Perry 6%

Writes Public Policy Polling:
One thing the California numbers really point to is that if Cain's support continues declining Gingrich has the potential to benefit in a major way. Among Cain voters 42% say Gingrich would be their second choice compared to 14% for Bachmann, 12% for Romney, and only 8% for Perry. Cain voters are fond of Gingrich, giving him a 60/30 favorability rating. Meanwhile they're not too keen on either Romney (30/56) or Perry (32/54). Neither of those guys is very well positioned to benefit if the bottom falls out on Cain.
Newt's overall favorability rating is 68/26.

Newt does the best among tea partiers, winning the support of 37% of those who identify with the tea party movement. Cain gets 29%. The next closest are Rick Perry and Ron Paul at 10%. Romney gets 9%.

Newt ties Romney with those who do not consider themselves part of the tea party movement with 30%. Cain gets 19% of those.

Newt is the only candidate who shows the ability to draw significant support from both the tea party and non-tea party wings of the GOP.

Newt's favorability among different groups:
Somewhat liberal voters: 54-37%
Moderate: 48-41
Somewhat conservative: 63-28
Very conservative: 79-18
Among women: 69-23%. Among men: 66-28%. Newt leads among both genders. He's also the top second choice of both men and women.

Among different age groups:
18-45: 63-30
46-65: 65-28
65+: 78-16


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