Friday, November 4, 2011

Newt 2012 will have five Iowa offices -- "and soon"

Link to story:
Today, though, Hammond told Patch that Gingrich will not open just one office, but five of them around Iowa — and soon.

"There are plans for it to happen," Hammond said in a phone interview. "We're in the final stages of interviewing staff."

Gingrich may be sensing a bit of momentum in Iowa from recent events. Last month, speaking at a gathering of evangelicals along with all the major candidates except Mitt Romney, Gingrich's performance was roundly seen as the best of the bunch.

And earlier this week, Patch reported that 32 percent of Iowa respondents in the Patch-Huffington Post survey of influential Republicans said there is a good chance they will endorse the former Speaker of the House.
That's huge news, and it's thanks to the influx of money coming into the campaign.

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