Tuesday, November 1, 2011

"The Conservative Case For Newt Gingrich"

John Hawkins, who runs the website RightWingNews.com, wrote the article, which appeared on Townhall.com.

He uses the same term -- "pitch perfect" -- that Jarrett Stepman of Human Events used in describing Newt's message.

The biggest challenge this country faces right now is spending. We have roughly a 1.5 trillion dollar deficit, a 14 trillion dollar debt, and 100 trillion dollars in unfunded Social Security/Medicare obligations. This is a problem that dwarfs all others, so much so that even Barack Obama says that our level of spending is "unsustainable."

Well, when Newt was Speaker, he managed to balance the budget. Not on the state level, not theoretically -- Newt actually got the job done on Capitol Hill. There's a lot to be said for that because if we wait another decade or two to seriously tackle this problem, we may not be able to stop this country from turning into Greece. That's why it's important not just to vote Obama out of office, but to replace him with someone who's serious about dealing with the issue. If we could pick only one Republican in the entire country to go to D.C. and tackle this problem, not as a dictator, but as a President who will need the cooperation of Congress to get anything done, Newt would probably be the first choice.
The whole article is worth reading.

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