Saturday, November 5, 2011

Iowa poll: Newt in a statistical tie with Romney for second; pollster expects Cain to fall

The poll finds Cain at 30%, Romney with 15%, and Newt at 12%. But -- in addition to the usual disclaimer that a minority of voters have are firmly in any candidate's camp -- the pollster, Matt Towery, found an interesting fact:
“We found most Republican voters in Iowa were unaware of the latest developments in the Cain case,” Towery said after Thursday night’s poll. “There is a great likelihood that his vote will fall off.”


“We have to remember that most Americans don’t read political newspapers or websites and these things take quite a while to trickle down.”

[Towery] said the importance of the Des Moines Register in Iowa cannot be overstated and that paper has not run the scandal heavily.
And remember -- Newt and Cain will be debating one-on-one Saturday, 8 PM EST. C-SPAN TV and will have it live.

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  1. After watching the speeches last night I really think that Newt needs to put a little more into his speeches.Sure he is gaining in the poles,but he needs to break away from the pack a bit more from saying the same old things.Give the people a little more insight of his contract as he refers to his website.


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