Thursday, November 3, 2011

A few pictures and a recap of Newt's speech in Georgia from Wednesday

(For those reading this in the morning e-mail, you'll have to click on the post to see the pictures as the links may not work.)


The first two were taken by Jacob Hawkins of Newt's campaign. Bryan Jacoutot, a big supporter, took the last one, and also wrote a recap of the event.

Please read the whole thing here, but I'll quote a little from it:
The Former Speaker of the House was introduced to a thunderous standing ovation by a capacity crowd in the Marriott Ballroom, and immediately began outlining his 21st Century Contract With America. He spoke for roughly an hour and highlighted among other things, his “First Day Executive Orders,” his legislative proposals, the consolidation and modernization of the federal government through the application of Lean Six Sigma, as well as his plans to curb rising health care costs by expanding research in the field of brain science.

After listing a couple of the executive orders Newt has planned for inauguration day, including the removal of every White House Czar, he joked that “by the time President Obama has landed in Chicago, we will have abolished 40% of his government.”

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