Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Quinnipiac University national poll: Newt 26, Romney 22, Cain 14

Newt leads among military households, 30-22 over Romney.

Newt leads among households making less than 30K (by five points), 30-50K (by five points again), 50-100 (by six points), and is tied with Romney in those making 100K or more.

Newt would win a one-on-one matchup with Mitt Romney, 49-39.

Newt leads President Obama among military households, 46-42.

Overall, Newt has improved six points since early November in a matchup with Obama. Obama is down three points in the hypothetical matchup, with Newt picking up three points.

Women Republican/Republican leaners say Newt would handle the economy the best.

Overall, 46% Republican/Republican leaners say Newt would do the best on foreign policy. Romney, at 16%, comes in second.

Newt also comes out on top on the illegal immigration issue, with 21% of Republicans and those leaning toward the GOP giving his name.

48% say Newt has "the knowledge and experience necessary to be a good president." Romney, at 22%, is second.

On who is a atrong leader: Newt 34%, Romney 24, Cain 14.

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