Saturday, November 26, 2011

Around 1000 people hear Newt speak in Naples, Florida

On Friday, Newt held a town hall in Naples, Florida that nearly 1000 -- if not 1000 people -- attended.

From an article about the event:
Recent polls have shown the former house speaker at or near the top of the Republican presidential field, along with Mitt Romney. During a televised debate Tuesday, some Republicans and pundits thought Gingrich may have risked that status when he said he favored pathways to legal status for illegal immigrants who have lived peaceful, law-abiding, taxpaying lives in the United States for many years.

Other Republican candidates were quick to condemn his remarks. But his ideas didn't seem to alienate the folks in Naples — the crowd was enthusiastic with his appearance and wildly applauded many of his remarks, including his outline on how to handle illegal immigration in the U.S.

"It's an extremely difficult question," said Patrick Moody, a 57-year-old Baptist minister from West Palm Beach who said he will likely vote for him in the important Florida primary. "He's got a measured, realistic view of the situation. His views make sense."
From another:
Is Newt Gingrich the latest flavor of the month among the candidates pursuing the Republican nomination for president? Or is he a real candidate who can beat early favorite Mitt Romney?

If the reaction from his appearance Friday in Naples is even the slightest indication, then the former Speaker of the House will indeed challenge Romney for a spot on the ticket to face President Barack Obama next November.
As the first story makes clear, and as Newt has made clear, nothing happens until the border is secure.

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