Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Arizona poll: Newt 28, Romney 23, Cain 17

Another Public Policy Polling survey.

Newt's favorability: 66-25%. Among men, it's 70-24; among women, 61-25%.

Newt gets the support of 30% of women and 27% of men. That darn gender gap again!

Once again, Newt is the top second choice -- meaning he still has plenty of room to grow in the polls.

Newt gets 24% support from tea party voters. Cain gets 19% and Romney 15%.

Newt also leads among non-tea party voters, getting the support of 19%. Romney is next with 16%, and Cain gets 11%.

Favorability among age groups:
18-45: 60-29
46-65: 70-23
66 and older: 68-23

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