Monday, September 12, 2011

What did they tweet about Newt during the #cnnteaparty debate?

Dan Mangru:
Newt Gingrich is looking better and better with each debate. #teaparty #cnnteaparty
Matt Lewis of The Daily Caller:
HUGE applause for Newt's line.
Dana Loesch, radio talk show host and co-founder of the St. Louis Tea Party:
Gingrich is doing the best job explaining free choice in social security. He wins this question. #cnnteaparty
Steve Everley:
Newt had the first standing ovation of the night with his social security answer.
Strong America Now:
.@NewtGingrich just gave us a shout-out in the debate! He has signed our pledge and encouraged the other candidates to as well! Thanks Newt!
Bill Bunkley, radio talk show host:
Newt wins first round by show of hands in debate watch hall...
Washington Post's The Fix:
Good debate for Newt so far too. Definitely has audience on his side. #cnnteaparty
Portsmouth New Hampshire Patch:
Gingrich comment that American people create jobs, not Congress drew much applause here in Rochester.
Teri Christoph, co-founder of Smart Girl Politics:
#SGP chat: Consensus is Newt is winning the debate so far. #CNNTeaParty
Phil Unvericht:
Tampa's watch consensus seems seems to be in favor of Newt. Best choice so far I think. @Newt2012HQ
Christian Camara, President of Tallahassee Young Republicans and Vice Chair of Lean County (Florida) Republican Party:
My #CNNDebate opinion up to this point: @newtgingrich winning.
Matthew Shuman, intern of Congressman Trent Franks:
@Newt2012HQ Newt is doing a good job, he is what America needs!
Ben Howe, contributor to
Am I imagining that Newt has gotten the biggest applause tonight?
Tony Lee, covering the GOP nomination for Human Events:
Newt: Mexico, Middle East, and industrial base at home need to be addressed. Smart answer. Easy to understand.

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