Tuesday, June 21, 2011

R.C. Hammond: Newt "getting tremendous response wherever he goes."

Hammond is quoted in the Des Moines-Register as saying:
"There’s a big difference between what goes on in Washington, D.C., and what goes on in the campaign trail. He’s getting tremendous response wherever he goes. People are very excited about having an option of voting for a candidate who is actually putting forward bold solutions."
I think that that is right: most people are not paying attention to the race this early, especially to staff issues.

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  1. 20% of the black vote is up for grabs-when Nute recives the nod--Give a speach to the Black Community---Let the press fan the event {up comming} Every person of color will be over whelm with coursity-I worked in the inter city 34 years--I know there mind set-consurns-and I know they are like most other voters, {un-informed}--If you speak of Ostrizing, by the business comunity-19 million abondon homes in America-slum clearance that eqates serious employment-in the inter citys --establishing an 2 chance opportunity act(traning,employing} G I Bill style. Military options for young men in Jail VS 3 hots , liberty and a cot with severance after honorable service to America-and One time forgivness to all social criminals to empty our jails-stop conctruction (of them)-and close the borders to give employment to Citizen of color that Obama and the Black Caucus and civil rights have egnored--Oreo Cookie is a code word well understood in minority circles-if a scurlious nave call you know who that name--ask Charles Paine- a black conseritive on Fox Buss news and Cavito show if that Cookie will crumble Obama support---no Im not just a crazy old man--Im old and I know the Hood-well. I also know how to create Hundreds of thousand of JOBS quickly and at little cost to the taxpayer--Would love to help-------------------Richard 404-402 9504 if you want several fresh ideas--Thanks


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