Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Newt still has "a half dozen people on the staff" raising money

From Kendra Marr of Politico:
Gingrich spokesman RC Hammond confirmed that fundraising director Jody Thomas and consultant Mary Heitman had left the team this morning. But he stressed, “There are still a half dozen people on the staff who are dedicated to helping us raise money on different platforms.”

“They’re professionals and we wish them the very best,” Hammond told POLITICO.

Today Gingrich is attending a fundraising luncheon in Savannah with prospective donors. And Hammond said Gingrich’s “number one tactic” is aggressively working the phones.

“Newt spends the majority of his awake time on the phone with potential donors,” he said.
The initial news of two staff departures threw me back on my heels a bit, but after reading reports of Newt hosting another fundraiser and "dialing for dollars" -- which some of the staffers who quit two weeks ago said he did not do -- it makes me more optimistic after the future finances of the campaign.


  1. So one post says over a dozen still on the staff and the very next post reports a half dozen.

    It shouldn't be that easy to confuse the staff numbers or that hard to count so few of them.

  2. Read again. Six are, in some way, raising money. The dozen refers to the whole paid staff.


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