Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A "longtime Gingrich loyalist" will be new finance director

With the news that two of Newt's finance team quit today, his spokesman told Chris Cillizza:
“The campaign will continue to reorganize,” said ]R.C.] Hammond. “We are as committed as we ever were to running our solutions oriented, substance first campaign.”

Hammond added that the campaign still has “over a dozen staffers” and that the finance director job would be filled internally by a longtime Gingrich loyalist.
(Update: It is now being reported that Christine Hall, who worked at American Solutions for Newt, is the replacement.)

The resignations probably have to do with the upcoming fundraising numbers, which the media has been saying will not be great. If it had to do with strategy, it seems they would have quit two weeks ago.

Hammond also told Jim Galloway that "aides and volunteers continue to raise money, despite the absences of Thomas and Heitman [the two who quit Tuesday]."

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